Speaking of Pain…

June 7, 2007

Hoo-boy, do those progesterone shots sting!  Why didn’t any of you pros with these shots warn me?

 Okay, here’s what happened.  M did come with me to the appointment as planned and even managed to stick around all the way through the shots tutorial.  We’d forgotten to throw PJ’s stroller back in the car after we took it out for whatever reason some time ago, so he got to entertain PJ on his lap the whole time we were there also.  That means he was holding a fragile child (okay, a not-so-fragile toddler) the whole time he was dealing with the needle business.  Can I just take a moment to brag about how strong husband I have?  He’s a bit needle-phobic, so this is huge for him.

Oh, yeah, and when I walked in there, I was handed that wonderful orange drink because it seems I was due for my glucose test today too.  Love that warning I got!  I’m glad M was already there to handle PJ because waiting that full hour until my blood draw would have been much worse if I’d had to handle the impatient, squirmy, sleepy toddler on my own.  Anyway, what is truly significant about the glucose test is that I was high on sugar for the first half of the appointment and starting my sugar crash right about the time I was getting my progesterone shot.

Did I mention that shot hurt?  Bad?  I was completely unprepared for that.  I handled it like a pro, though, not jumping when I was stuck or letting tears come to my eyes as that needle lingered in my arm for much longer than I could possibly see was necessary.  Well, I handled it like a pro until I got up to go visit my friendly phlebotomist for my glucose blood draw, and suddenly I felt weak, overheated, and dizzy.  I sat in the chair by the door as the nurse gave us last-minute instructions on giving the progesterone shots at home.  It didn’t fool the nurse, though, and she quickly asked if I was okay.  Fast forward to a minute later when I’m lying back on the examination table with wet paper towels cooling my forehead and I’m wishing for something to cool my cheeks flushed from embarrassment.

For the record, I didn’t actually pass out, just gave us all a scare.  A few minutes later I was fine, even though my arm was still stinging from the stupid shot (still is, actually).  M says anytime he’s had a particularly bad shot, the exact same thing has happened to him.  Then throw in the glucose crash that was happening at the exact same time, and it turns out I’m actually impressively strong to have managed not to pass out after all.  Still, when M gives me that shot next week, I think I’ll let it happen when I’m already lying down.

I was expecting today’s visit to the doctor to be somewhat more interesting than normal, what with the first progesterone shot and all, but I had no idea it would turn into such an adventure.  I’m just glad that I’m already on this side of it, when I can laugh at what happened instead of feeling the embarrassment I felt at the time.