Jumbled Friday Thoughts

June 8, 2007

1. Every day, Chas?  You had to go through that torture every day for twelve weeks?  And Erica, getting those steroid shots every twelve hours?  You guys are my heroes!  I may not complain quite as much about my once-a-week torture when I remember your stories.  The things we do for our kids…  By the way, I know the shots may hurt a little more in the arm, but it sounds like they’re going to hurt like crazy either way, and this is easier for both M and me.  We’ll see how next week’s shot goes before making any final decisions, though.

2. Somehow yesterday at the doctor’s office, conversation turned to my weight (I think M may be behind this one…thanks, hon).  Last time around, I gained a total of 20-25 pounds by the time PJ was born at only seven months.  Not bad really, considering how early he was and that I lost tons of weight with the morning sickness.  This time, I’ve gained almost eight from my pre-pregnancy weight, after losing about six pounds first.  Also not bad at all.  The nurse, however, declared that I’d already gained twenty-one pounds after glancing at my chart!  Although I know she’s totally wrong–even taking my naked at-home lowest weight at the height of the morning sickness compared to yesterday’s clothed and shoed weight, I’m up less than twenty pounds–now I’m paranoid about the subject.  It’s amazing what complexes bad math (or illegible handwriting) can give me.

3. I got the baby sling I ordered yesterday.  I tried it when PJ woke up unhappy after his nap, but it didn’t go over so well.  It was way easier to carry him around, but he seemed anxious for me to let him out of it.  I’m hoping that’s just his fussy attitude talking and not what I can expect from him.  When I had it on and he wasn’t in it, it felt so empty.  I really, really wanted to try it with a newborn.  I’m starting to think I should have waited to order the sling because it even more than the empty crib is making me anxious for BabyN’s arrival.

4. I’m trying this whole no medication thing.  I didn’t take my nausea medication this morning, the first time I’ve gone longer than 24 hours without it since starting it early in my pregnancy.  I’m coping quite fine.  I also didn’t take my headache medicine at lunch like I’ve been doing every day for weeks.  I usually got the beginnings of a headache shortly before then.  Instead, I decided to test whether it was really a caffeine headache I was getting (remember the migraine medicine has a touch of caffeine in it) by drinking a cup of coffee this morning.  Still no medicine and still no headache.  It looks like I may have to work on weaning myself back off caffeine now.  But this means the only medicine I’m taking right now is my pre-natal vitamin and the progesterone shots, of course.  Oh, and the Pepcid before every meal to ward off this killer heartburn.  The medicine situation is better than it was anyway.

5. Does PJ know something we don’t?  While he was playing earlier, I heard him muttering.  He said a clear, “Dada,” followed by “Mama,” then what sounded like “Sista.”  We haven’t used that word around him since finding out for sure that BabyN is a boy, so I don’t know where he picked it up or why he’s saying it now.  And in that context, like he’s listing the members of our family.  I want him to be right.  I didn’t correct him for that reason, and now I feel kind of bad about it.

6. Why does it bother me when M compares his situation with being somewhat overweight to mine of pregnancy?  I get all defensive if he acts like he knows what I’m talking about when I mention something related to my awkward weight or huge belly.  “Now you know how I feel,” as he pats his belly.  Um, no.  Those extra twenty pounds you’re wearing don’t kick at you or make your hip bones separate painfully or give you killer heartburn or make you unable to fit into normal clothes.  You will also not be shoving a seven-pound weight out your private parts in a few months to follow up the nine months of discomfort.  A big turd is not the same!  I try not to let this attitude show, but the more he responds to my complaints this way, the more irritated I get about it.  What do you think?  Am I being unreasonable?