Refusing to Make Excuses

I realized last night how every single post I write anymore has to do with this pregnancy or the baby in some way.  I started to feel bad that my posts are so focused and that you guys don’t get to read anything else about what might be going on in my life.  Then I decided that I just don’t care.  I’m going to stop making excuses about writing so much baby stuff or making decisions to write about something else.  All through this pregnancy, I’ve thought back to when I was pregnant with PJ and wished I had more specifics about how I felt at what point in that pregnancy.  I’ve wished I kept some sort of a log back then, before I discovered blogging.  Now I have a chance to do that, so I’m going to make up for what I didn’t do last time.  After BabyN is born, I will be glad I have this record.  It will also be a good reminder about just how uncomfortable I’ve been; we’ll call it good birth control until we decide we’re crazy enough to do this again.

Speaking of discomfort, the heartburn has started to get out of control in the last twelve hours or so.  I already take Pepcid before lunch and dinner, the twice a day the bottle limits me to, and sometimes wish I could have it with breakfast too.  Despite all that medicine, I still have to take Tums after some meals.  Then last night despite these precautions and a dose of Tums right before bed, I woke up two hours later because of bad heartburn.  I took more Tums and slept sitting up the rest of the night.  I still didn’t sleep well, though, and woke up with almost as much heartburn as I woke up to in the middle of the night.  I’d have to say it’s getting ridiculous!

Also last night I discovered a varicose vein in my right calf.  I’ve never had one before, and I hated seeing one on my muscular leg.  I was hoping it was because the leg was swollen; that happens every time I play computer games because I sit a certain way when I play (but for some reason I can’t manage not to sit like that, as much as I try).  Last night wasn’t as bad as normal, though, so I doubted that could be the cause of the vein.  But thank goodness, this morning I woke up to discover it was gone.  Maybe it was due to the swelling after all.  I guess that’s a good warning to myself to be careful not to let my legs swell so much if I can help it.  I may need to adjust my computer gaming set-up so that I can recline more.  Maybe it can turn into a fun project.

I’m a cold-natured person, but I am certainly beginning to understand why everyone has looked at me with pity when they realized my third trimester coincided with the summer months.  We live in a city that might as well be considered the humidity capital of the US.  It’s also in the far south, so it’s plenty hot already.  Throw in a liberal dose of that humidity–wet enough you could lick the air–and it’s pretty unbearable.  We have our ceiling fans running non-stop and the air conditioner working to keep the humidity inside the house to a minimum.  It doesn’t make a difference.  I spend the day fanning myself and wiping sweat off every exposed body part.  I stink all the time from the sweat.  I can’t recall a summer here ever being this bad.  Funny thing, though…M doesn’t seem to notice the heat nearly as much.  I think BabyN has successfully turned me from a cold-natured person to a hot-natured one.  I hope M is prepared for the electric bills over the next few months because it’s not going to be cheap to keep me comfortable.

2 Responses to Refusing to Make Excuses

  1. Chas says:

    I, for one, love baby posts. I love hearing about all of it!

  2. Kristin says:

    The blogging style I love the most, is the “sneak peak” into daily life. I think planned topics or writing for an audience usually doesn’t have the same authentic feel.

    So post away about baby stuff!!

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