See, I DO Have Friends

June 14, 2007

I’m off my blogging game.  It feels so weird to be blogging this late in the afternoon, but at least I have a good reason to be off my schedule.  I had my best friend (other than M) visit last night.  She lives on the other side of town, where I used to live, and this is the first time I’ve persuaded her to make the drive across town to visit us here.  I half expected her to bail at the last minute, which is her usual mode of operation.  But she made it anyway.  She left after the traffic dwindled last night, spent the night, and then hung out today until the middle of the afternoon when she could leave and make it back home before the traffic started up again.

Last night, M was incredibly thoughtful.  He chilled with us for a little while and then made himself scarce (not that that was hard with his computer game calling) so that us girls could have time for girl chat.  I’d forgotten how easy it is to talk to her.  We are so alike in so many ways, but not the kind that make us annoying to each other.  I’m glad we finally had a chance to get together again.  Maybe I’ll have to make the effort and drive PJ across town to see her next time.  She has a kitty, and PJ will love that.

Of course, now I have to do laundry yet again.  I get to wash sheets and towels again so that our guest room can be ready for visitors tomorrow.  It turns out that M’s grandma’s beloved aunt (who must have been ancient, considering how old Grandma is) passed away in our area the other day.  They’re driving down here for the funeral and will be staying with us for the weekend.  PJ will love all the extra attention.  And that’s about the end of the bright side I can see to their visit.  As sweet as they are, they tend to drive me crazy after about an hour.  I hope I can survive the weekend without blowing up from the pent-up frustration.