June 17, 2007

Should it really take this long to recover from having visitors for two nights?  The house is an absolute mess, and the couple of toddler toys on the floor aren’t helping matters.  It’s a little scary to think that even with a toddler around, we haven’t had to mop our kitchen floor in ages–until this weekend.  The bathroom they used looks like a tornado hit, and don’t even get me started on the guest room.  The grandparents were so inconsiderate of our house, our stuff, and our routines.  I expect some of that to happen, but I guess my views on being someone’s guest are completely different than theirs.

It’s taking time to recover mentally and emotionally, too.  I’m still revelling in the relative quiet in the house–yes, even with an active toddler.  Two hard-of-hearing grandparents who can’t quit talking create quite the cacophany.  There were always at least two conversations happening at all times, and at maximum volume levels.  No wonder PJ didn’t sleep as well or as long when they were around.  I felt awful that every so often I’d have to invent excuses to leave their presence for a few minutes just to decompress.  Just remembering conversations with them is giving me a headache.  I was planning to give you sample snippets of conversation from the weekend, but that will only make me more frustrated right now.  It’s too bad, though, because I feel like I came across kind of harsh in my attitude towards them in the last few posts and I’d love the opportunity to redeem myself and show you exactly what life around them is like.  Maybe tomorrow when I have my humor back about the whole thing.

Anyway, happy Father’s Day to any fathers out there who actually stop by here.