Blogging Malaise

Last week I had about three posts I was dying to write, but something else kept coming up at the last second that took precedence.  Now even though I have time to write about them, I just can’t get the motivation to start.  So you’re getting this poor excuse of a post today instead.

I have a headache, and my medicine isn’t working on it, at least not yet.  I need to shower.  I need to finish laundry.  I need to wash the endless number of towels the grandparents went through this weekend (what’s up with that anyway?).  There are toddler toys strewn all over the floor, making a dangerous obstacle course.  Am I doing anything about any of these things I need to do?  Nope.  I’m trying to type while keeping my eyes closed and the light out of my eyes.

And that’s it.  You’ll have to check back later for anything at all intelligent.  Maybe I’ll even be showered at that point.  Then again, maybe not.

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