Is There a Conundrum Compromise?

June 19, 2007

I still haven’t made any decisions about the blog issue.  It boils down to this: If I make any major changes that suddenly keep my MIL from reading the blog or commenting on it, I will wind up hurting her feelings.  My only choice is to either stop blogging publicly altogether (using the time devoted to the coming baby as an excuse, not anything specific about my MIL), or keep blogging basically as is.

I had actually considered all of your other possible solutions and just forgot to list them.  Well, except for Chas’s.  I so wish I could do what you suggested.  (Go back and read her comment on last night’s post if you haven’t already.)  Because of M’s relationship with his mom, having him broach the subject with her would only make things worse.  He would end up being guilt-tripped by her as a result, and I would be blamed for driving a wedge between them (by her, of course, not M).  Things might get better on the blog for a while, but things in real life would only be worse.  I hate that she does this to us.

My possible compromise would be to start a fresh blog, to include BabyN more in it from the start, and start off with a post that says in no uncertain terms that this is MY blog and if I start feeling pressure to write anything a certain way for a certain audience, then it’s gone (or private, whatever).  I will not address any specific people in said post, and no one will get the blame for the downfall of the last blog.  I think it’s possible to write something that will set guidelines without offending any person in particular.

I set something up already in my blogger account.  I’ve already found the perfect title and address, so I thought I better snag them while I could.  At the moment, it’s virtually undiscoverable.  Before I say anything on the current blog about the new one, I might send you guys there to read my initial post and give me feedback.  That is, if I decide to go that way after all.

My first move will be to talk to my mother tomorrow.  She gets back from her vacation out of cell service today, so if I can sneak in a word edgewise tomorrow when we chat, I’ll bring up the subject.  She has uncommon wisdom about situations like this because she’s met my MIL and she can think about how she would respond if she was in my MIL’s place.  I’m hoping she might have some good advice for me and maybe a different point of view.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted as to what I end up deciding.  In the meantime, I’m kind of abandoning that blog for everything but the blogroll.  I can claim a busy week or something when she calls (or leaves a nasty comment) to complain.  We all know it’s bound to happen.

Oh, and tomorrow I plan to blog about something other than in-law issues.  Maybe it’s time for another pregnancy update or one of those sappy motherhood posts that’s been nagging me to get into words.