Third Trimester, Baby!

June 20, 2007

Technically I’m not sure whether I’ve officially hit the third trimester.  I’m 27 weeks, if you go by the more accurate sonogram date, not the doctor’s record of the due date.  Even then, that falls right at the line between trimesters.  I think it’s safe to say that if I haven’t quite reached the third trimester, I’m on the verge.  It’s certainly farther along than I thought I would make it when I was in the first trimester.  Now if I can just make it another five weeks so that I can say this one stayed in longer than PJ.

Each day is getting a bit more difficult to cope with, though.  I am huge, for my height, and the huge belly continues to make me uncomfortable.  I’m still struggling with sore hips and occasionally other joints.  The leg swelling from sitting in the wrong position is more annoying than ever.  And in the last few days, BabyN has grown to the point that I’m constantly out of breath.  He’s crowding my lungs for sure.  I can walk from one room to the next and feel like I’ve just run a mile.  If I have to lug a twenty-pound toddler with me, it feels more like a marathon.  (Boy am I glad he can walk now!)  I wake up in the morning feeling like I haven’t slept; apparently the sleep I get is restless.  If this is just the beginning of the third trimester, I’m scared to see what it’s like at the end!

Tomorrow night I get my second progesterone shot at home.  I don’t recall ever telling you how that went last week.  Let’s just say that if M wasn’t so squeamish about needles, I’d get him to do all my shots.  It hurt way less than it had at the doctor’s office the week before.  Passing out was never something to worry about this time.  I hope things go as easily with it tomorrow night.

I’ve discovered that despite the progesterone shots, M and I are both still worried about premature labor.  He would never tell me that was a worry of his, but little things he says have told me as much.  We’re talking about the need for a mini-van, at least for travel, but he’s more inclined to wait until after BabyN is born to start seriously looking.  His reason?  He wants to make sure we don’t have to spend more money than expected on medical expenses…like last time.  He means we should be able to afford a mini-van as long as we’re not having to pay a huge deductible to cover what insurance won’t pay for NICU bills.  It’s kind of cute how he hides his worry about BabyN in his worries about finances.  I like knowing I’m not alone in my worries.

By the way, I’m still strongly considering the new blog with the ground rules set from the start.  I tend to avoid confrontation whenever possible, and this seems the least confrontational way to get what I want.  My mom is home from vacation, and we have plans to chat when she’s done getting her nails done (priorities…sigh).  I will hopefully make a decision after that.  I’ll link you to the new blog (probably in a password-protected post) when I have the initial post written.  I really need feedback before letting everyone (read: my MIL) take a look.

And oh, yeah.  Thanks Heather for the inspiration to redo the look of the blog altogether.  I love the new template on yours, so I stole it.  The picture in the header is PJ yesterday evening.  M needed to do the lawn since we’ll be out of town this weekend (the redo of the 3D ultrasound) and he can’t do it then.  PJ missed his daddy so much that he watched every move he made in the backyard.  Cute, huh?