Bullet Stories

June 25, 2007

 Okay, here are a few of the weekend’s stories, in bulleted form so I’m not as tempted to get long-winded:

  • PJ officially hit twenty pounds on Wednesday night, so we turned his carseat around Thursday night.  Friday’s trip was his first experience facing forward while traveling.  He was surprisingly nonchalant about the whole thing, but he seemed to like being able to see me in the front seat from where he was sitting.
  • Yes, as mentioned last night, the in-laws showed up for the ultrasound.  They didn’t warn us of any of their plans much ahead of time.  We were out running errands when they called to say they were on their way over to my parents’ house to hang out with us before the u/s.  When they heard the plans were to put PJ down for a quick pre-u/s nap when we got home, they suddenly lost interest in hanging out.  They made it over to my parents’ house just barely in time for us to leave in time to make the appointment.  We were a few minutes late because of traffic.  Thanks, in=laws!
  • My MIL made one passive-aggressive comment about the blog but was otherwise mostly well-behaved.  The blog comment rankles (is that the right word?) and makes me hesitate to blog a post I know I really should.  That one will probably nearly start off the new blog, once I’m finally ready to reveal it.
  • I haven’t had a nausea pill since the drive up there, and I don’t feel like I need one.  Yay!
  • I’m finally feeling pregnant enough to be grateful for the special privileges the belly gets me.  I’ve turned down preggie parking at several places that offer it, even when alone with PJ, because I didn’t want to take the privilege from someone who needed it more.  Suddenly now I’m that woman who needs it more, even if someone else can carry PJ in for me.  Walking gets more difficult each day.
  • M and I played some fun car games on the way home.  My favorite one is where we made guesses as to what my brother and SIL are planning to name their baby.  They’re still being secretive about the name.  We listed all sorts of horrendous names like Agatha and Marjorie, but we think they’re going to settle on something somewhat trendy (but not popular) with religious connections.  My guess is something like Madison Grace.  I’ll let you know how close I was when I hear the final name.
  • Oh, did you read all of this just to see if I would post ultrasound pictures?  You didn’t want to see them, did you?  You sure?  Well, okay.  The u/s went really well.  They didn’t do all the measurements like a medical place would, but the tech suspects BabyN is kind of big for his gestational age (like my belly doesn’t already hint at that!).  He is definitely chubby, something I didn’t expect after seeing scrawny PJ a little older, at 31 weeks.  I guess this kid is showing how much he loves chocolate, since he’s making me eat it all the time.  He looks healthy, though, and it’s so encouraging.  It was a really bonding experience, and I’m hoping to write a whole post devoted to that subject later, maybe tomorrow.  And here are the pictures:

If it helps any, in all the pictures, his head is on the left, facing right.  In most of them you can only see the one eye.  BabyN’s mouth is open in this picture, and he has his left hand curled up under his chin.  You might be able to find those tiny fingers if you can’t figure out anything else.

He’s looking down more here, still with his fist up by his face.

This profile picture looks so serene.  It’s a little creepier than the others, but kind of sweet as well.

His whole hand is under his chin here.  You can’t even see his fingers.  I think this might be one of the pictures we got where his eyes were open.  Creepy, isn’t it?

It was so cool to see him moving around just like a real baby in there, flailing his hands around and sucking on his fingers.  We found out that he has rotated around completely.  Before, his head was sitting under my right boob, and he was sitting pretty much straight down from there, almost completely on my right side.  Now he’s in a transverse position, his head on my lower left side and feet and butt on the upper right side.  That’s where I’ve felt all the kicks lately, so it makes sense!  It’s also relieving to hear he’s not in a head-down, ready-for-birth position.  Most women want the baby there, but it tells me that BabyN isn’t getting ready to be born yet.  Maybe I have a while with him yet.  I hope so, now that I’m enjoying the pregnancy again, despite the aching.