Penicillin Is My Friend

June 28, 2007

I woke up today feeling just a bit better.  Of course, I think that contributed to the improvement–the sleep before the waking up.  I slept considerably better last night and much longer.  My throat still hurts this morning and I’m still congested, but it’s not excruciating pain like yesterday.  And I’m still draggy and moody like I get when I’m sick.  But I feel like I’m on the road to getting better, even if I’m just starting down it.  It helps that my voice is finally cooperating again.  I’m trying not to use it too much, but at least it’s there when I need it.  I gotta tell you, a whispered, “No!” doesn’t do much to deter a toddler.

I ended up going to the doctor yesterday afternoon.  It’s not like I had much choice.  M had to call my doctor for me to find out just how serious this could be, since I could barely talk at all yesterday, much less on the phone.  He’d set up an appointment for me before I knew what was going on.  My ob/gyn is out of town apparently, so the office sent him elsewhere to have me checked out.  It turned out to be a normal family doctor, not another ob like M made it sound.  Of course, that’s really what I needed.

It turned out that the doctor had just had her fourth kid–and I mean really recently, as in weeks.  She asked who my ob was.  She grinned when I told her.  Any ideas as to why my ob would send me to her?  Yup, my doctor was her doctor.  In fact, I’m really going to laugh if I see my doctor at my ob appointment next week; she would be needing her six weeks post-partum check-up about then.

Oh, and the whole topic of kids came up because I apologized for PJ’s tantrum.  It was a good one, complete with red skin everywhere and tears and all.  I was talking a little better at this point, but obviously it wasn’t fun trying to make myself heard over the screaming kid.  The doctor just smiled and shrugged.  She had a “You ain’t seen nothing yet” attitude about it.  I guess with three older kids, she would know.

Anyway, she agreed I probably had an infection.  She took a swab for strep, just in case, but decided to treat it before getting the results because it could end up serious if it was left untreated too long.  That means I’m on antibiotics for the third time this pregnancy.  This is the one that upset my tummy last pregnancy, but so far I’m not having any problems with it.  I also suspect even the one dose I’d had of it before bed last night helped me start feeling better as soon as today.  I’m just thrilled she had something to offer to me that might help me feel better.  I was not in a mood to just wait it out after feeling so crummy the last few days.