Any Excuse for a Nap

July 3, 2007

It’s kind of sad that I’m already getting this used to living with frequent Braxton-Hicks.  Most of the day yesterday, I would just shrug off any I got.  I typically took note of the time and rested long enough to get a few good sips of water, but otherwise I ignored them.  They hit really bad shortly after M got home from work, though.  I started getting super sleepy quite suddenly, so I laid down on the couch.  I noticed two pretty close together before drifting off for ten minutes or so.  When I woke up, I had one just about every fifteen minutes for over an hour.  I know I probably should have called the doctor at that point, but as usual they went away on their own.

So now M and I are evaluating my daily routine to determine why the B-H’s peak in the early evening.  It seems counterintuitive to me since by that time I’ve been guzzling water all day and am at my most hydrated.  It’s also right before my next antibiotic, so the dehydrating effects of that should also be at a minimum.  I would expect the contractions to be worst first thing in the morning before I’ve had a chance to hydrate myself for the day, but I rarely ever have one then.

My guess is that hydration is much less the issue than exhaustion.  Have I mentioned I’m not sleeping well?  Yeah, go figure, with a belly that is outgrowing some of my maternity clothes and most of my oversized T-shirts.  And in the middle of summer in our house that is apparently too expensive to keep at a reasonable temperature at night.  Anyway, by early evening I’m usually super tired, which was obviously the case last night.  In fact, when I look all the way back to Friday when all of this really started, every evening that they’ve been worse (which is every day but Saturday when I spent the whole day on the couch), I’d kept a normal activity level during the day.  That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve been active, just not as lazy as I was Saturday.

I wonder if that’s the key.  I wonder if I need to adjust my daily routine so that I’m doing less or taking more frequent breaks or something.  I may also try to sneak in a short nap when PJ naps in the afternoon.  If that doesn’t help, then it may be the only way to prevent the worst outbreak of contractions in the evening will be near bedrest just about every day, like we did on Saturday.  And I don’t think I’m quite ready to do that without doctor’s orders yet.

By the way, I know you guys are probably all sick of hearing about this already, but it is almost the only thing that’s been on my mind the last few days.  I’m obviously paranoid about each and every B-H being an indication that I’m going into early labor, so I can’t keep from worrying about it.  I feel less obsessive and paranoid if I vent my worries here instead of always to my husband or mom or someone, so you get to be the lucky ones who put up with my crazy for a while.  Sorry!