The Appointment

July 5, 2007

Whew.  I’m home.  Whoever was doing the praying today, thank you.  I want you praying for me next time too.  Things went really well.  PJ was just sleepy enough to be mellow, just as I’d hoped.  He threw one very short-lived tantrum when he threw his container (closed) of Cheerios on the floor and the doctor moved to pick it up for him.  Her pen was within his reach for a second but she pulled it back just before he grabbed it.  He wasn’t too happy about that.  He cried for about five seconds and then went back to being mellow and adorable.

I had to laugh when I got my RhoGAM shot.  I’m so used to my progesterone shot that takes forever to give that I was surprised when the one tiny prick (hehe, I’m so immature) was it.  It was over before the expected pain ever happened.  The nurse who gave me the progesterone shot last time gave it again today, and it was exactly what I expected.  M is so much better at it than she is.  I’m glad I could spare M the needle stress tonight, but I’m looking forward to having him give me the shot again next week.

The only surprise from today’s appointment was the discovery that I’m anemic.  I’ve had dizzy spells on and off for several weeks now, mostly the few days before my last appointment, and M and I wondered if I was anemic back then.  The doctor said it was unlikely enough to cause dizzy spells at my last appointment, so we just basically ignored the dizzy spells after that, especially since they were getting less frequent.  Then today our guess was confirmed; I’m on iron supplements now.  And yes, my iron level was low enough that it would easily cause dizzy spells.  I am definitely learning to trust my gut.

My gut was also right about the Braxton-Hicks.  It was worth being concerned about, but it never was bad enough to need to call the doctor right away about it.  My instincts to drink lots of water and lie down and rest every time I had them were right on.  M and I were right to, uh, abstain from any, uh, funny business as well.  The doctor did check me when I told her about the B-H, and she verified that I’m not at all dilated.  Whew.  She also took a swab of something to check for some protein that could be indicative of pre-term labor in the next few weeks.  If it’s negative, then I can stop worrying about it for a few weeks.  If it’s positive, then I need to be watch any signs my body gives me carefully, but it’s not a guarantee pre-term labor will happen; it’s just more likely then.

I guess that’s about it from the appointment.  All the vital stats were absolutely perfect.  My blood pressure is so perfect it’s to be envied.  I’m measuring 29 weeks.  I’m gaining weight at last, but not too much too fast.  My glucose test was fine.  BabyN’s heartbeat was 152, right where it’s been at almost every appointment or u/s since the very first one.  I love that the huge complications in this pregnancy have been slightly worse than normal morning sickness, UTI’s, a sore throat infection thing, anemia, and worries about pre-term labor that stem purely from history, not this pregnancy itself.  Okay, so the list sounds worse when I list it all, but compared to the possibly life-threatening problems last time, this is nothing.

So the bottom line?  There is nothing to worry about, but my concerns are absolutely dead-on.



July 5, 2007

I’m on my way to the doctor in ten minutes for my 28-week appointment.  I can look forward to both a RhoGam and a progesterone shot while I’m there.  I love going to the doctor so I can get pricked repeatedly.  I’ll let you know what I find out when I get home.  I’m oddly nervous about the appointment, to the point that my tummy is a little unhappy with me.  On the bright side, my weight gain won’t be as drastic as I thought it would be yesterday.  If you’re reading this between 2:15 and 3-ish central time, send up a prayer for me, both that the appointment itself goes well and that PJ decides to be a charming toddler instead of a typical, tantrum-throwing one.