My List of Frustrations

July 10, 2007

So I’m sure you were all on the edges of your seats for the past two days, desperate for me to post something, anything, so that you’d know everything was fine.  Oh, wait, you’re not my MIL and this isn’t my other blog.  I’ll probably hear from her later today since I haven’t blogged there either.  The problem that kept me from blogging was fortunately nothing more serious than technical difficulties.  In fact, it counts as my first frustration of the day.

1. Recently, two huge cable companies decided to trade several major markets, including ours.  While we were never totally in love with the old company, the only good things we’ve heard about the new one are propaganda put out by the company itself.  We were officially changed over to the new company this weekend, and we tend to agree that there’s nothing good to say about the new company.  That short time offline to make the switch turned into a nearly 48-hour disconnection.  When M called to find out how much longer they expected us to be offline, they admitted that something went wrong and they didn’t know what; we were offline indefinitely.  The good news is that I managed to survive my two days without Internet, although I won’t minimize the suffering I went through in the meantime.

2. The construction in our neighborhood has picked up again.  Yesterday it woke up both M and me before his alarm went off, before they’re legally allowed to be out here.  They must have had a problem with some big machine because it repeatedly clanged against the ground, sounding like the whole thing was about to fall into pieces.  Today it was another machine that needed something oiled; a high-pitched whiny sound kept coming from right behind our back fence.  That sound really grated on my nerves and kept me from going back to sleep.

3. I have real stuff I want to blog about but because of the issues of the weekend, I feel compelled to write a pointless post today instead, thus postponing these real posts yet another day.

4. I am about one step away from being on bedrest right now.  I’ve been off my antibiotics for three or four days now, so I can no longer blame the episodes with Braxton-Hicks on them.  Last night was the worst night yet, with at least three contractions per hour for something like five hours straight.  I had closer to six big contractions with several smaller ones that I was hesitant to call real contractions during one hour and almost that many the next.  That’s at the borderline of needing to go to the hospital for them.  If I had, I bet I really would be on bedrest now.  And I realized last night after being couch-bound for all those hours that I would be lousy with true bedrest.  Lazy as I am, I like being able to get up when I need to, and I have real problems blogging and doing some of my other hobbies while lying down.

5. My hormones are crazy.  I think I freaked M out with all the crying on Friday, and since then I haven’t been able to watch the news without the overwhelming urge to go wake up PJ and hold him.  Any story involving somebody’s kid makes me want to treasure my own that much more.  I can’t help crying for these other people’s kids, even though I’ve never met them and wouldn’t normally care.

6. I am feeling very pregnant these days.  I can’t breathe well unless I’m lying down.  I keep getting dizzy spells thanks to the anemia.  I’m outgrowing most of my oversized T-shirts and about half my maternity wardrobe.  All I can wear comfortably any longer are shirts that can double as tents.  Yeah, not so sexy anymore.

7. There are quite a few things I want to get done around the house (can we say nesting?), but I’m too tired or worried about the Braxton-Hicks to get anything done.

I know that’s not it, but I’m suddenly feeling too lousy to keep writing, or even thinking.  Yup, the pregnant thing is starting to get old.