Missing the Point

July 12, 2007

For a change from the ordinary, how about an in-law post?  I haven’t mentioned anything about them in a while, but that doesn’t mean there’s not craziness going on.  For example, the MIL is starting to hate her job, the utopian one she gave up her steady job for just a few months ago.  Apparently the doctor she works for (remember she’s a nurse) is treating her like a child, like she’s a horrible person.  When there was a recent serious problem in the family (M’s brother wrenched his back), the doctor she worked for refused to look at the MRI results.  The old doctor, however, gladly did so, even though he had no reason to do so.

It seems that this job issue is making her impossible to live with as well.  M has heard from his dad several times recently, and his frustration with his wife was thinly veiled.  We’re actually supposed to be expecting her to visit–alone–in a few weeks, just so she can get away from the stress there.  Or, more likely, so that Dad can get her out of the house for a few days.

I’m more worried about her because she’s causing blog drama yet again.  I’m shrugging about it and moving on, but my mom has mentioned it several times.  She’s proud of my mature attitude about it instead of letting it get to me.  Still, her comments are obnoxious enough that other readers have obviously noticed.  It strangely doesn’t bother me that they might pity me for being on this end of it.  I’m more worried that people are going to ridicule or think badly of my MIL because of her ignorant comments.  I don’t understand the sudden compassion and pity for her, but I’m hoping it’s a sign of maturity.

The first bad comment she left was from a week or two ago.  I told a funny story about PJ and his bathtime.  The funniest part of the story was when I got him dressed in a new outfit that I was worried would be too tight.  It ended up being so loose that the pants wouldn’t stay up.  I had the funniest picture to prove this.  Somehow my MIL didn’t understand that the outfit was too big.  She left a comment in which she made it very obvious that she was the one who had bought him the outfit and it was a shame he wouldn’t be able to wear it since it was too small.  If she had bothered to read it all, she would have understood.  I just rolled my eyes in exasperation.

The other one was from last night’s post.  I was excited because PJ learned to say, “You’re welcome,” without any prompting from us.  I was raving about how he’d learned manners just by watching us and was proud of our parenting skills for teaching him that before cuss words.  I ended the post with a joke about how great it would be if he would learn table manners, too.  Instead of commenting on our well-mannered toddler, she went on and on about how we couldn’t expect a toddler to have table manners and that would happen in time.  Ummm, totally missing the point of the post.

I like that I’ve finally gotten control of my own reactions to her ruder and more off-the-wall comments.  Lately I haven’t overreacted to anything she’s said, even when everyone else has expected me to (maybe because of the pregnancy hormones?).  I hope it’s just that I’m getting used to her and not that I’m temporarily callous to anything she says.  Because I know that she’s not likely to change, and I’d hate to go back to resenting her for almost everything she says.