In-Laws and Doctors

So the story with the MIL has gotten way more interesting since yesterday.  You know how I said she was unhappy with her job?  There’s more to the story with that.

Back to the beginning…she’d worked with Old Doctor for about ten years when he started being kind of rude to her, or rude in general.  I’ve met him, and he seems like the type to have a bit of an abrasive personality.  He’s also the kind of doctor who quickly prescribes medicine for any complaint.  He taught MIL to do the same, and she takes many pills per day, many of which I find their necessity questionable.  In fact, I wonder just how legal some of these prescriptions really are, if she really talked to the doctor before calling them in to the pharmacy to get them filled.  Old Doctor was nice enough not to say anything if that’s the case.

Old Doctor’s personality finally drove MIL to find a new job with another doctor in town.  He had a new, state-of-the-art office and treated her like a goddess.  It was utopia for her–at first.  Then suddenly New Doctor started being less than super kind to her.  That has become downright antagonistic.  He’s trying to get her to quit.  It started with frustration that she couldn’t do things his way without some instruction from him.  Then it was attacks against her personality and insinuations that she was treating different patients differently.  Now he is “slandering her name all across town and trying to get her license revoked,” according to M’s dad.  In more detail, every prescription she calls in to any pharmacy in town has to be verified with the doctor.  Honestly, I can see the logic behind this claim.  I’m not sure where the license threat comes into play.

Far into the conversation with his dad last night, M learned there’s another part of the story.  His mom is claiming that the antagonism started shortly after an interesting event.  According to her, one evening after work, New Doctor approached her and put his arms around her and told her he loved her.  She turned down his advances, but apparently he feels put out that she would respond that way and this is his way of getting back at her.  In fact, the main reason she was hired in the first place was probably the doctor’s crush on her.

Does anybody else see something fishy in this story?  I don’t know for sure what the real story is, but this is not it–or at least not all of it.  I’m not sure whether she’s invented the sexual harassment charge to salvage her own reputation or she’s not telling the whole story to protect him, or herself.  Or maybe it’s something else altogether.  Either way, things don’t quite add up.  But she is definitely getting the attention she craves right now, even if most of it is negative.  Could the “hug” story be a way to play up the drama queen bit?

Total change of subject now, and I have no good transition into it.  I called my ob/gyn this morning.  I think most of you know me well enough that I didn’t call lightly.  M is starting to worry about how my dizzy spells are persisting, even getting worse, since I started the iron pills over a week ago.  Either the iron isn’t getting absorbed or the dizzy spells are related to something else altogether.  He insisted I call this morning when I showed him the rash on my belly last night.  It’s been slowly developing and spreading recently.  I guessed it was just a heat rash, but M was concerned enough that he wanted to hear what the doctor has to say.

I felt like when I heard back from the doctor that nobody there was listening to anything I said.  I was told to be careful to stand up slowly to help with the dizzy spells.  When I said that I got them while sitting or lying still usually, I was ignored completely.  They also asked if I was taking the iron with my pre-natal vitamins; I answered that of course I was because that was what the doctor and I had specifically discussed that I do.  I was treated like I was stupid for ever thinking that would be the proper way to take an iron pill.  Apparently the vitamin keeps the iron from being absorbed.  That likely explains the dizzy spells if I’m not absorbing the iron, but it bothers me that the doctor told me to do something that is supposedly common knowledge not to do.

As far as the rash goes, I was told to try hydrocortisone cream for my itchy belly.  No mention was made of the rash or whether I should be concerned or what it could be caused by.  I don’t think the doctor even heard about the rash.  I think I’m actually going to follow my mom’s advice and treat it like a heat rash.  That’s what she thought it was as soon as I mentioned I had a rash.  I’m more willing to take the advice of an experienced mom of four (who raised us all in this climate) than my doctor who may or may not have actually heard what is really going on.  If things don’t get better before Thursday, then at least I can mention the issues to her myself then.  Either way, I’m losing faith in this doctor and her office.  I’ve never liked her as much as the one I had last time around, so maybe if I’m ever in need of an ob/gyn for anything other than routine appointments, I may go searching for a new one.

One Response to In-Laws and Doctors

  1. Chas says:

    Could your rash be PUPPS??? It usually starts on the belly!!! It’s not harmful to you, but it can be really annoying!

    So sorry to hear about your mil…here’s what I honestly thought when I first read. If you suspect that your mil might have been guilty of calling in RX for herself that wasn’t prescribed, then that could be the reason the doc has to approve all meds she calls in now, and it might be the reason he wants her out of the office, if it’s a situation where he just suspects it but can’t prove it. She’d probably be embarrassed of this, hence the story about him making a move on her.

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