Boring Updates

July 14, 2007

It’s official.  My MIL is coming to visit starting Tuesday night and will be staying until Saturday afternoon.  Pray for me.  I can ignore stupid comments on the blog, but spending nearly every waking hour with her for three and a half days is going to be much more difficult.  She needs the break, though, and I’m focusing on that.  This trip really is about her.  And I won’t mind the help around here with PJ.  Until the icky spells that I think are caused by the anemia get under control, having someone to fall back on when they hit will be nice.

And apparently, the job with New Doctor has officially ended.  We found out through M’s brother online today.  She said nothing to us specifically.  We don’t know if it was her choice in the end or not.  She is thinking about applying for a position with the school district, though.  She’s excited about the possibility.  I would be…but SUMMERS!  That’s a long vacation, and I have a feeling I know where she’ll want to spend much of her break.  Lucky me.

I have nothing new to mention about the call to the doctor yesterday.  I’m still ticked at them for blowing me off, but I guess I can see why it happened.  They called back just after their Friday hours had ended (despite the fact that I’d called hours earlier), and they were probably eager to get home.  They didn’t want to answer anything at all complicated, so I got rote answers for common problems with no personal attention.  I’ll call back Monday if their solutions don’t work.

I did some research on both problems, though, and may have found an answer for the rash on the belly at least.  My newest guess is that it’s PUPPS.  It’s totally harmless but annoying as hell.  The itching woke me up several times last night.  I tried the hydrocortisone cream as the doctor suggested, but it only made the itching more severe.  I’m looking into other remedies that I’ve found online.  Right now, it’s just moisturizing regularly with lotion heavy in vitamin E.  It’s somewhat better; we’ll have to see how well it works tonight.  Has anybody else dealt with this?  Do you have suggestions for me to try?