I have no creativity tonight.  I know it shows in the title.  It’s also going to show in this sorry excuse for a post, despite my great intentions for a wonderful, meaningful post today.  I guess that one will wait until tomorrow.  Anyway here’s what’s been going on:

1. I’ve been keeping plenty busy today and will probably do the same tomorrow.  Why, you ask?  It’s not nesting; it’s preparing to have a MIL with diagnosed OCD staying with us.  If she saw our house the way it is now, she’d probably have a panic attack.  I don’t fancy a trip to the ER as soon as she gets here tomorrow, so I’m cleaning in the meantime.

2. Oh, yeah, I guess I hadn’t mentioned that one yet.  My MIL is coming tomorrow night and will stay until Saturday afternoon.  Fun.  I’m trying not to stress, but it’s hard not to.  According to my mom, she will be quite angry with my MIL if she sits around all day playing with PJ while I do all the keeping-up of the house this week.  (Actually, I toned down her actual words.)  Yet that’s exactly what M expects to happen.  Urgh.

3. I’m still having spells from what I suspect is the anemia.  They force me to lie down for about half an hour each time.  It’s lots of fun trying to work consistently when I keep having to lie down halfway through a job.  It’s also fun because PJ insists on “helping” with every task I do when he’s awake, which of course makes it take twice as long.  I think I’ll be sleeping awfully well tonight and tomorrow night.

4. On the positive side of things, I’ve been working like crazy to get the nursery done.  The pictures that Chas has been doing for us should be here before long, and their shelves are full now.  I’ll have to get pictures when everything’s up to show off all the work I’ve done.  Most of it has been painting, which I’ve found to be oddly relaxing and enjoyable.  What I’ve been doing is nothing like what Chas does, but painting wooden letters solid colors seems to be within my range of talents.  Hehe.  Either way, I’m proud of what I accomplished.  I’m so not crafty that it feels special to have decorations in the nursery that I did myself.  I’m finishing up the last little trinkets I’m planning to do myself, and then I can get pictures for you.  My goal is to get these done before MIL gets here because otherwise she’ll want to “help,” and apparently that’s about as useful as PJ’s help.  I’m not particularly eager to start over with these because they’re much more detailed than plain wooden letters.

Tomorrow’s post: all about the pregnancy again.  I know.  You’re shocked.  Anyway, we’re quickly approaching a huge milestone, and I’d like to share my feelings about it before I’ll likely be forced to take a break for several days to keep this blog secret from the MIL.


2 Responses to Monday

  1. Chas says:

    I cannot wait to see pictures!!! The package is somewhere between here and there as week speak. BTW, I sent something extra in the box…nothing special…just something little…just don’t want you to throw it away thinking it’s just packing material!!

  2. emep says:

    Good luck with the MIL. I’m sure it will be fine. Just be patient and give her the benefit of the doubt. Guess that’s all you can do…..

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