Hope in a Bottle

My doctor’s office called this afternoon.  My cervix is pretty darn close to a normal length, so I don’t qualify for the home health care, and in addition, the patch version of the medicine.  That’s good because my cervix is still long but bad because they didn’t want to have to put me on the oral medicine.

Anyway, M picked up the meds on his way home from work.  I only have about a week’s supply.  I guess they don’t want to prescribe me a whole bunch when we’re living from week to week now already.  Either way, it’s $10 co-pay per bottle, so it would be nice if I could have more than one week’s worth in a bottle.

So I took my first pill about an hour ago, and I haven’t felt the awful side effects predicted yet. I’m a little shaky and just feeling antsy, but that’s all.  It turns out that it’s a medicine usually prescribed for asthma and similar breathing problems.  When I realized that, I was able to connect the possible side effects with those I get from my inhaler for asthma.  I should be pretty used to the same kinds of things I could feel from this medicine.  Maybe that’s just making this easier to cope with.  We’ll have to see how I feel after a few doses, in case the side effects get worse when the medicine has been in my system for longer.  Or perhaps I was expecting the side effects to be worse from what everyone else has said, so this isn’t so bad considering.  Anyway, so far, so good.

2 Responses to Hope in a Bottle

  1. Chas says:

    Oh I hope those meds don’t cause you to feel terrible. I’ll keep you in my prayers!

  2. Emily says:

    Hoping everything continues to go smoothly!

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