Let the Countdown Begin

July 30, 2007

According to the doctor, I’m 32 weeks today.  Tomorrow I unofficially hit 33 weeks.  And sometime either last night or this morning BabyN dropped.  I never had this feeling with PJ, so I didn’t recognize it right away.  But even M can tell I’m suddenly carrying much lower from just looking at me.  It’s an unmistakable difference.

I was already getting that feeling that at my appointment on Thursday I’d be dilated at least a smidge and would likely be put on bedrest finally.  (Honestly, it’s the best time for it to happen.  M is going out of town for business on Monday and my mom is coming to stay with us for the week.  I’ll have at least a full week of total bedrest to kick it off.)  I’m still waiting to hear from the doctor about the results of the swab she took last Thursday, but regardless of whether I was positive for the protein then, I’m almost certain it’s positive now.

It’s still early, but at least I’ve made it farther than last time already.  BabyN should be fine if he’s born now, with only a minimal NICU stay.  I think it’s time to get everything in order so that we can take off for the hospital at any time.  Hopefully these plans can just sit around for a while before we need them, but I’d rather have them ready just in case.

In My Dreams

July 30, 2007

I remember the basic idea of a lot of the dreams I had when I was pregnant with PJ.  They were all about babies and giving birth, mostly.  I didn’t have the dreams as often as I’d thought I would, but at least the themes were pretty much the same when I could remember them.

Not so much this time.  I’ve had a few dreams about having BabyN or what life is like when he’s here (and one where he was older and I’d just had his twin baby sisters…yikes!).  The pervasive theme of the dreams this pregnancy, though, is teaching.  I had yet another teaching dream last night.  In this one, I’d gone back to teaching basically as I am right now–hugely pregnant and everything.  I was taking over what would be my classes after they’d had a series of subs since the beginning of school.  Naturally they were unruly and their progress was limited.  I dreamed of discipline issues, parent phone calls, and students wanting special treatment.  I dreamed about my fellow teachers, bringing in some of the more friendly ones I’ve worked with in the past.  Despite the issues with the students, the teaching experience itself was pretty good.

But then I dreamed I had a conference period, or lunch, or something where I had free time.  All I could think about was PJ.  I was so worried about how he was doing without me that I had to wake myself up from the dream and remind myself that we were both fine and he was in the next room.  It’s obvious that in my dreams all I wanted was to be at home with my son again, even though I was enjoying teaching.

I don’t know.  It may be in my future to teach once again, but my subconscious is telling me definitely not anytime soon.  Right now, I need to be at home taking care of my sons.  In the meantime, I just need to put up with the onslaught of teaching dreams.  Maybe they’re just keeping me open to that option so I won’t rebel against it in the future if I do need to go back to work.