Nesting? (Updated)

Any time I do anything the least bit domestic these days, M jokes that I must be nesting.  Today, though, I’m starting to wonder.  It’s not even PJ’s naptime yet, and I’m already on my second load of laundry.  Normally laundry is a week-long process.  I’ll keep forgetting I have laundry in the washer or dryer, so we end up searching for clean socks and underwear in the dryer for a few days until I can get around to folding them.  By then, it’s usually time to start over with laundry.

Today I’m washing mostly sheets.  I noticed last night that our sheets reek.  My money-conscious husband insists on keeping the temperature in the house at a balmy 80 degrees, even now that we’re at the hottest part of the year–and the pregnancy–and the heat is making me sweat like crazy, especially towards morning.  Hence the stink of our sheets.  So that was my first priority today.  I remembered while I was stripping our bed that the bed in our guest room hadn’t been stripped since my MIL was here.  My mom is coming next week and will need to use that bed, so I might as well get them done while I was doing laundry.

But those sheets don’t really fill up a load.  Okay, in reality, I used the sheets to fill up a load that I was planning to do even before I remembered the sheets needed washing.  I decided it was time to wash up a bunch of clothes for BabyN.  I’m anxious to organize the boys’ dresser and closet to accommodate both of their clothes.  (By the way, that was interesting, deciding what to wash.  I have all of PJ’s old clothes still, but they start from preemie sizes.  Even though I suspect BabyN will end up wearing preemie clothes, I don’t want to seal the deal by having them ready for him.  So I’m only doing the newborn size right now.  In another couple of weeks, I’ll probably be doing a bunch more laundry last minute.)

I’ve also made a list of everything I’ll want to take to the hospital with us when it’s time.  I kind of wish I could go ahead and pack it so I can just grab and go when it’s time, but I have too many things I’ll still need between now and then to pack yet.  That frustrates me, but I don’t really have a choice right now.  I’m also planning this afternoon to type up some basic care instructions for PJ for whoever ends up watching him when we’re at the hospital.  I don’t think we can count on grandparents to be around.  This is stressing me out the most, that we don’t have a plan for PJ yet.  Well, we kind of do, but we need to talk to some neighbors to see if they can help during the day.  It would be much easier if we could count on relatives to be around and help out.

By the way, I suspect part of the sudden urgency to get everything ready has to do with the minor worries last night about going into labor.  I started getting lots of lower back pain about the time I started trying to sleep.  That’s how everything started with PJ, so of course I paid close attention to what I was feeling.  When I had two Braxton-Hicks within fifteen minutes, I was starting to go over the plans for rushing to the hospital in my mind, even though I knew I needed to time contractions for at least an hour before panicking.  I fell asleep before the hour was up.  I woke up still pregnant, so I guess it was a false alarm.

My SIL is 38 weeks pregnant right now and having some issues that may expedite the delivery of their baby (evil SIL, by the way).  My mom says they’re talking of inducing on Thursday, at 39 weeks, if she’s still pregnant then.  It’s sad to think about, but we could very well be in a race for popping out the second grandchild first.  In a way I want to win, just to be able to say I gave my parents their first two grandchildren (and to steal her thunder since my kid would be in the NICU, thus taking more attention), but I really actually hope she wins, and by several weeks.  I’m not looking forward to another NICU experience, even if it should be a week or two shorter already.

Update: I finally heard back from my doctor about the tests she did on Thursday.  Both are negative.  I’m honestly a little surprised about both.  I don’t know why, but I figured I was one of the many carriers of group b step.  It’s good that I’m not, though.  And it’s also kind of good that I’m not likely at high risk of going into pre-term labor anytime soon.  I can get off the terb (yay!!!!!), but now I’m starting to feel foolish for telling everyone that I suspect BabyN has dropped and that the birth is imminent and getting everything ready just in case.  For the record, hearing the result of the test doesn’t change my gut feeling one eensy-weensy bit.  It’s just “scientific proof” (as inaccurate at this test is known to be) that I’m wrong.  And I so hate to be wrong, even if it’s for the best for everyone involved.

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  1. Samantha says:

    I always enjoyed washing and, putting away all those cute baby clothes! If you havent yet, check out all the hip little clothes over at!

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