Almost a Vacation

Today starts the closest thing to a vacation I’ll get until Thanksgiving.  We knew after our last trip to see my parents in late June that it was most likely the last trip out of town I’d take until after BabyN was born.  Now as I read about everyone else’s summer vacations, I’m getting jealous.  Although I’m not a goer and doer, I get a little frustrated when every day is exactly the same.  And I’m anxious to be able to leave town.

Well, I may not get to cruise the country or visit any exciting and exotic new places, but at least I’ll get a change from routine for a little over a week.  Today M gets a “study day” for work.  That means he gets to stay home and study for a certification test for work that he’s supposed to take next week.  In reality, he’s taking it easy and helping out with PJ.  He’ll continue to do the same all weekend, before he leaves on Monday for an out-of-town conference.  My mom is coming to stay with us while he’s gone, just in case something happens.  Naturally, she’ll do everything she can to help with PJ while she is here as well.  It may not be the same as a real vacation, but it’s a nice break anyway.

The only bad part is that my vacation of sorts has to happen without my husband.  M gets a sort-of vacation too while he’s away from work (and without losing vacation time), but I know he’s going to miss me over the next week too.  It makes it difficult to know whether or not to look forward to the week.

(By the way, M will only be about three to four hours away by car.  He can leave at any point if he has to.  I think he would have asked not to go at all if it had been any farther away.  We both feel more comfortable knowing that if something happens this week, he’s still close enough to be at my side fairly quickly.)

On an unrelated note, I noticed yesterday morning after my shower that I was starting to leak some, out of the chest area, if you catch my drift.  Funny, it seems like it wasn’t that long ago that they finally stopped doing that.  I guess that’s just one more sign that the birth can’t be too terribly far away.

Operation Drown Myself is going okay so far.  I’m drinking as much as I can, which isn’t nearly as much as the doctor wants.  It’s still about twice as much water as usual (although I am cutting back on milk to make myself able to drink more water).  So far, I have noticed no difference in the Braxton-Hicks.  Okay, that’s not totally true.  They were actually worse last night, and several times were strong enough that I had trouble even breathing through them.  If I hadn’t just been checked and fully closed, I might have been really tempted to head for the hospital.  If you haven’t figured it out, I place no confidence in their plan to keep me hydrated.  I’ve been hydrated all along, so all this is going to do is make me pee twice as often, if I can even drink as much as they want me to without making myself sick.

Oh, and I think the worst thing about yesterday’s appointment is simply that I felt like they weren’t listening to me.  I was treated like a child (and a disobedient one at that).  I’ve had issues all along with feeling ignored by my doctor, but they were so minor and rare that I was willing to excuse them.  I felt like she was finally paying attention and listening when the contractions started, but when they didn’t go away according to her usual stop-the-contractions routine, she stopped listening to what I as an uneducated mother thought and felt.  M and I have already decided that although it’s too late in the pregnancy to change anything now, if I’m ever in need of an ob/gyn again for anything but routine check-ups, we’re finding a new doctor.


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