An ADD Post Without a Point

I have nothing in particular to write about today, just random thoughts.  I guess it doesn’t matter anyway because who actually reads blogs on weekends?  Other than me, of course.

Yesterday I posted those most recent belly pictures on my other blog.  Nobody has commented yet.  M’s grandma commented on another post, but ignored this post altogether.  That really helps this whole self-conscious thing I’m struggling with right now.

My SIL is going in tonight to start the induction process.  Most likely, I’ll be an aunt for the first time tomorrow.  It was really funny when my mom called to let me know the plans.  As soon as she said they were going in tonight, not in the morning sometime, I was already expecting that meant they were starting with Cervadil.  My mom felt she had to tell me that they wouldn’t be using pitocin to get the labor started.  I’m glad she recognized I at least knew what that was, but she was surprised when I answered her that they must be starting with Cervadil since they were going in in the evening.  I gotta tell you, that Baby Story education is really pretty thorough.

Speaking of that, I’m still not planning on a childbirth class.  We were going to take one last time, but we hadn’t even quite gotten signed up for one yet when PJ showed up.  The nurses at the birth were a little surprised to hear that because I seemed awfully knowledgeable for a first-time mom who hadn’t even been to a class.  I guess that was one more benefit to being nearly bedbound during most of the pregnancy; all my TV-watching actually taught me everything I needed to know.  So why would I spend the money and time taking a class when I knew everything I needed to know the first time around without it?

I drank about twice as much water yesterday as ever.  I still had Braxton-Hicks all day.  I’ll try to drink even a little more today, but I’m not expecting any miracles.  We are going through so much water these days.  It’s really a shame that I absolutely can’t drink water from the tap right now or I’d be saving us a lot more money on water.


3 Responses to An ADD Post Without a Point

  1. whimsicalchaos says:

    Found your blog via a list on my blog thanks to WP tracking hehehe… well I read blogs on the weekend… but I feel for ya… I hope that those stupid braxton hicks go away…. they are so not fun!! Have a great weekend!

  2. sugarandice says:

    I didn’t take a childbirth class either. I figured with all the tv watching and book reading I did, I didn’t need it. Never once did I wish I’d taken one…waste of money.

  3. Reesh says:

    I would love to see your belly pictures and leave you a comment but I don’t have permission to view them. So can I?

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