Baby Season is Now Open

I woke up this morning to find an e-mail from my college roommate’s husband.  They had their baby on Thursday, just before midnight.  I don’t know any details yet, but I guess I need to send an e-mail to find out more about that.  The husband had included a few pictures, and she’s a cutie.  It’s obvious from the picture of daddy and little girl that he’s definitely a proud papa.  And yes, this is their first.

Then early this afternoon I heard from my mom with an update about my SIL.  As of then anyway, I wasn’t an aunt yet.  If you remember, she was scheduled to go in last night for the first stage of the induction.  Apparently almost as soon as the Cervadil was in, she started contracting.  Within a few hours, she was in enough pain to request an epidural.  It sounds like she slept comfortably all night despite the contractions but woke up to discover she hadn’t made as much progress as the contractions would indicate.  They broke her water sometime late this morning to see if that would help her progress.  I’m guessing from there they would try pitocin before deciding to do a c-section.  I haven’t heard anything since then, though, and I’m assuming I’d get an update if she went in for surgery.  We’re on pins and needles here waiting to find out what’s going on.  I may do one more quick update once I find out, hopefully before too much longer.

Once this baby is born, I’m in the clear to go.  BabyN is supposed to be the next baby born of all the preggies I know right now.  He seems comfortable where he is right now, so that shouldn’t be any time too soon–at least another week or two.  By the way, my water intake is still increasing every day, to the point of discomfort, and it isn’t helping the Braxton-Hicks at all.  Surprise, surprise.  I wonder what plan B is (or plan X or whatever plan we’re on now) to stop them.


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