A Few Things

1. I’m sorry for not writing yesterday, especially leaving you hanging about my SIL.  I think my absence will become clear in the next few points.

2. My mom got here yesterday morning, fairly early.  It’s great having her here, and PJ certainly agrees.  Her presence motivated me to get off my butt more than usual and go out and do things.  I finally have a baby book for BabyN, and my mom’s gift(s) to us includes a Bumbo, a new and huge diaper bag, new bath towels (we were always short a few with PJ), and some other minor incidentals.  After all that shopping, we went out to eat, something I haven’t done since the MIL was here.

3. Although my mom does know about the blog, I am reluctant to blog in front of her.  I don’t want to tempt her to find the blog or ask for the address.  I might still get a chance to blog once or twice through the week, but don’t panic if I’m gone for a day or two.  I’m only writing now since she took PJ to the grocery store and I have a few short minutes of alone time.

4. Yes, I am an aunt!  My first niece was born late Sunday night, at nearly 11:00 in California.  That means my SIL was in labor for about 28 hours.  At least she had the epidural for a full 24 of that.  Everything progressed normally, just slowly.  My brother says both mama and baby are doing fine and taking to their new roles perfectly.  If you want details of weight and name (which is pretty funny, considering M’s and my guess from way back when), feel free to e-mail me for that.  I just don’t want to post that stuff without my brother’s knowledge, and especially somewhere that it could be google-able.

5. Cue the depressing music.  Yesterday afternoon I found my first stretch mark.  There is no doubting that is what it could be.  My mom pointed out that it makes sense, and not just because the belly keeps growing so much.  Now that BabyN has dropped, he’s putting a lot more weight and pressure on my lower belly in particular, and that’s where the stretch mark appeared.  Darn it.  I was hoping maybe I’d be able to escape unscarred (at least physically) like last time.  It’s a badge of honor, right?  It’s going to take long enough to accept this new imperfection as part of my new body as it is, despite expecting this very thing to happen for months now.

6. I completely forgot in the excitement of my mom’s arrival yesterday that she was coming because M was leaving.  It almost caught me off guard when I found myself waving good-bye to my husband from the garage–and for nearly a full week.  I was actually fighting tears.  If you can tell, we have been very fortunate and this hasn’t had to happen too often.  I’m glad my mom is around to distract me, but I already miss him like crazy.  I hope Friday makes it here fast.

3 Responses to A Few Things

  1. sugarandice says:

    I must get a Bumbo with my next baby. I always wanted one w/ Lila.

  2. hoping says:

    going password protected please email me for access at ooskerdoo@hotmail.com

  3. emep says:

    Congratulations on becoming an aunt. Before you know it we’ll be congratulating you for becoming a mommy (again)!

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