What We’ve Been Up To

My mom’s at the store again picking up a few more things we ran out of since I blogged on Tuesday.  That means I have a few minutes when I don’t have to worry about her getting too curious about what I’m writing.  At least none of it is bad.

The last few days have been super busy.  Even though we didn’t go anywhere the rest of the day Tuesday, we both cut and colored my hair.  It’s more reddish now (M will love that!) and a little shorter.  We only trimmed it, so it’s not some totally different style, just more healthy-looking.

Wednesday we drove across town to visit friends in the other suburb where I grew up.  My best friend had just returned from a mission trip in Europe the day before, so we visited with her for a few minutes.  She has a sweet cat, and it was tons of fun watching PJ with her.  He loves cats.  I’m sure he’ll grow out of that eventually, like most guys claim to.  We had a dinner date we needed to rush to after that, but first we had to make a run to Babies R Us for a couple of gifts.  Our dinner date was with my sister’s MIL, and she is about to become a grandmother any day now (my BIL’s brother).  We needed a gift both for the expectant parents and for the MIL.  By the way, this woman is wonderful.  I would trade my MIL for her in a heartbeat if I could.  I have a whole history with her that I wish I had time to elaborate on.  Maybe in a few days.  For now, just know that she is very special to our whole family.

Yesterday I had my weekly doctor’s appointment.  It was incredibly anticlimactic after last week’s appointment.  I was never asked how much water I was drinking now, even when I admitted the Braxton-Hicks hadn’t eased up any.  They seemed content to know that I hadn’t had as many bad spells of them in the last week and nothing had gotten worse.  I was checked again and am still closed.  My blood pressure is like that of a healthy non-pregnant woman.  BabyN’s heartbeat is still great.  The whole thing was very routine, and we’re starting to think the words “full term.”  The only part that stunk was the progesterone shot.  For some reason it hurt like crazy yesterday and continued to hurt all night, much worse than normal.  It still feels super bruised today.  It’s worth it if it keeps BabyN in place for another week, though.

After my appointment, I was in the mood to celebrate.  PJ had also had an early nap and was eager to keep going.  We went and got ice cream and then went shopping for a few more going-out outfits for BabyN.  That means yet another trip to Babies R Us.  That was trip three of the week.  My hubby is probably very glad he got to miss all those trips!  I’m excited because we also found a cute outfit for PJ with M’s alma mater’s logo on it.  He needed something to wear during all their football games this season, after all.  We’re going to surprise M with it when he gets home in the next hour or two.  (Yay!!!!!!!!!!)

And speaking of football, did anybody else realize the preseason started yesterday?  I may not watch nearly as much pro football as college, but it was like everything was right with the world again having the Cowboys game on in our house last night.  (FYI, my dad is a long-time Cowboys fan, and I’ve inherited at least some of that fanaticism for them.)  I love the fall for many reasons, and football is just one big one.

Anyway, enough rambling.  M just called again and is much closer to home than he was the last time we chatted.  I can’t wait to see him again!  I ought to do a little cleaning before he gets here to surprise him with a clean house.  I’ll probably start blogging daily again since life returns to normal again tomorrow.

One Response to What We’ve Been Up To

  1. liz says:

    TOTALLY thought you’d had the baby!


    But, I hope you and M have a very happy homecoming!

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