The Hot Date

My mom is gone.  She left just under two hours ago.  Even though M is home, it feels lonely without her.  She really kept me energetic this week.  PJ is noticing the difference too.  He ran around crying for the first ten minutes after she left (although that could be because he didn’t get to go anywhere) and has seemed kind of sad ever since.  I’m hoping he doesn’t remember that she should be here when he wakes up from his afternoon nap.  He got awfully attached to her while she was here.

At least last night she volunteered (begged) to baby-sit PJ so that M and I could go out on a date–probably our last before BabyN gets here.  We went to see the Harry Potter movie.  I was uncomfortable sitting there that long and was glad when the movie was over for that reason.  Other than that the movie was pretty good.  This was the first time M had read a book before seeing the movie, so we analyzed every minute difference on the way home.  I’m glad he also gets annoyed by little details (or big ones) being changed in the movie.

The funniest part was when we dropped by the bathroom on the way out.  I’d miraculously made it all the way through the movie, but wasn’t so sure I could make it all the way home too.  As I was washing my hands, I noticed more than one teenage girl fixing her hair or make-up or something behind me in the mirror.  I was getting much more attention than the hair was.  Okay, technically the belly was getting all the attention.  I wish I’d taken advantage of the moment.  I look much younger than I am, so they were probably staring because I looked about their age.  I should have looked right at them and warned them to use a condom every time or something like that.  It would have been hilarious, even if I’m the only one who would have gotten the humor in it.

And now it’s the weekend and things should be back to normal.  It will probably take some time for PJ to adjust again, but maybe he’ll be glad to have things back to normal once he has.  The next big thing to look forward to is BabyN’s arrival.


One Response to The Hot Date

  1. Emma says:

    I figure anytime you can get some time together without kids you should take advantage of it! Glad to see all is going well with the pregnancy and that BabyN is holding on.

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