Another Dream

I expected to dream about teaching stuff again last night, as is so common these days, especially with the start of school everywhere just days away.  I suspect I’ll always get a little nostalgic about the start of school this time of year, even as I’m revelling in my relatively easy life when I hear of everyone else’s summer coming to an end.

I actually had a baby dream last night, though.  I don’t remember too much from it.  I remember going to the hospital because I thought I was in labor.  I was two cm dilated when I went in and was having only minor contractions.  I wish I could remember the birth itself, but for some reason my mind skipped straight to after he was born.  I vaguely remember holding him carefully because of how tiny and fragile he was.  Now I recognize it feeling much like holding PJ right after his birth.  Then I was preparing to breastfeed him for the first time, and then the dream must have changed because that’s the last of it I remember.  No exciting details, but I’m glad it was a baby dream and not another pseudo-nightmarish teaching one.

Not much else is going on.  Things are returning to normal, even though it is obvious both PJ and I miss having my mom here.  (He keeps “calling” her on his sippy phone.  So, so cute.)  I still feel like I’m at the tail end of the pregnancy, both physically and emotionally, but I’ve felt that for weeks now.  It’s odd that I’m getting used to the awkwardness and pain of being huge pregnant.  And I have a strange feeling that I’m going to miss the discomfort of pregnancy when it’s over.  Why do I always want something so badly, then complain ceaselessly about it when I get it, and then wish for it again when it’s all over?


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