The Good and the Bad

I need a shot of optimism, so I’ll start with the good.  Last night, M and I had a perfectly reasonable discussion about our plans for more kids–or really, for not having more kids.  I was able to explain to him that it’s a female thing to need to remain able to have children, even if I don’t want more.  He didn’t completely understand but was able to pass it off as a girl thing.  I offered to consider alternative forms of birth control, as long as I was technically keeping my womanhood.  I think we’re going to go with an IUD (something I never would have considered before…and thanks to whoever it was who suggested it the last time I blogged about this).  This way, I won’t be tempted in an emotional moment to change M’s mind and chunk my pills.  He’s starting to understand how serious I really am about not wanting another and how I want it to be just as serious if we start considering that option.  I like that we’ve found a good compromise for now, and in another few years maybe we’ll reevaluate.  Then again, maybe we won’t.

Now for the bad: PJ is apparently a bit mature for his age because he has hit the terrible twos with a vengeance.  It has been one tantrum after another since early yesterday with occasional spells of the good boy I’ve grown to love.  This morning he woke up starving–not a surprise since he threw a tantrum instead of eating dinner last night–and proceeded to scream angrily at the top of his lungs until I gave up and got him up for breakfast.  He used to play quietly in his room until I could wake up more peacefully and get him.  So I’m exhausted this morning.  I could go on for hours about how obnoxious he’s being, but it’s not going to accomplish anything other than make me more angry at him.

Oh, and who calls wrong numbers at 5:45 in the morning?  I’m glad I didn’t recognize the phone was ringing until it was over.  And it wasn’t a bad thing to wake up because I had to pee badly.

One more bad thing that I could actually use some of your help about.  I noticed the last time I got my progesterone shot that it hurt more than normal and continued to hurt long after the pain had usually subsided.  The next day I had a knot and bruise there, and since then it has only grown.  Along with the knot is a huge itchy spot.  In addition, I still have a small knot and itchy spot from the shot the week before.  I find it hard that two different people can give me two bad shots in two different places two weeks in a row that give the exact same reaction.  It seems like it must be a reaction to the shots.  Has anybody else who has had to take progesterone shots had this problem?  I’m already planning to talk to my doctor about it on Thursday, but I’d like to know a bit ahead of time whether that is even possible.


One Response to The Good and the Bad

  1. erica says:

    I didn’t have problems with the shots. The only thing they did to me was the knotting and a bruise. The nice thing about the IUD is I don’t have to worry about taking a pill. I don’t notice any bad side effects and I love the thought of being able to have more kids some day. Sounds like you guys have made a good compromise. Good luck with PJ the terrible twos are definately difficult.

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