Another Appointment

I’ll keep this one short because there really isn’t much to say.  As you might imagine, my doctor was in kind of a hurry, especially since she was seeing her 1:30 appointments after 2:30.  Although I might have liked a little more of her time, I decided to only ask the most important questions and not keep her from all her backed-up appointments.  The tiredness I’ve had in the last week or so is normal, as I figured.  The reactions to the progesterone shots isn’t great, but it also doesn’t seem to be dangerous.  We’ll keep an eye on it this week and see where to go from there.  According to her, I only have two shots left anyway.  The crampiness I’ve been getting some with the Braxton-Hicks is the most worrisome, as I expected, but it obviously doesn’t mean I’m going into labor.  She checked me to be sure, and I’m still closed.  As long as the cramping goes away after a few contractions or when I change positions or lie down, we’re not going to make a big deal out of it.  I wondered if it was related to digestive issues even at the time, and I still think that could easily have been the case.  Yet one more thing to watch but not worry about.  PJ was hyper but generally pretty happy, so that went better than expected.  Overall, not a bad appointment.  And I guess I’m pretty likely to make it to 36 weeks now.


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