Looking Ahead

Every time I go into my closet to change into yet another giant-sized T-shirt or shapeless maternity shirt–none of which quite meet my shorts anymore–I look longingly at all the other clothes hanging there.  I see the glimpse of a pattern of one of my favorite pre-baby dresses or one of my previous favorite summer tank tops, and I think longingly of getting to wear normal clothes again, clothes not designed to fit an elephant.  Or I start thinking about which shirts will be great for nursing BabyN, both in the last few days of summer and when the weather gets cooler.

My mindset has already shifted from keeping this baby in longer to getting him out.  I’m not sure whether it’s just a result of desire or a true gut feeling, but I truly feel like I’m in the last few days of pregnancy now.  Maybe it’s the onset of swelling this weekend; my fingers and feet have been swollen for two days now with occasional calf swelling as well.  Maybe it’s the increasing discomfort from the belly.  Maybe it’s simply impatience.  Either way, I’m having trouble enjoying the few days I have left of pregnancy.  I am too overwhelmed by the desire to move on to the next phase to relish the kicks in my ribs that steal my breath right now.

I keep remembering tidbits my mother has told me about her own pregnancies.  She looks back at each one (of four!) and can pinpoint a day right before giving birth when she was ridiculously emotional.  By the time number four came around, she already knew that one day was an indication that birth was imminent.  So are there any signs like that, both physical and otherwise, you noticed from your own experiences that were clues that you really were at the end?  It might make it easier to know just how quickly I need to have that hospital bag packed.


One Response to Looking Ahead

  1. Reesh says:

    The day before I went into labour I was extremely needy and restless. I felt like no one was paying enough attention to me and I was grumpy and whiny. The next day I woke up feeling great, happy and excited. I gave birth later that night.

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