NOW I’m Ready

I am so ready for this baby to just get out!  From what I hear, that is the number one complaint in the ninth month.  I keep wondering how I’ll even make it to Friday, my next guess for his birthday.  I can barely sleep (although I sleep like a rock when I do) because of my full bladder and awkward belly.  It hurts to walk; it hurts to sit; it hurts to lie down.  I try really hard not to complain much, but M can’t miss the look of pain on my face any time I move or the little grunts I can’t help but make when I stand up or walk.

I keep hoping every morning when I wake up that today is the day.  I pray with each Braxt0n-Hicks or backache that it is the start of labor at last.  I know at only 36 weeks that I shouldn’t be hoping for that, but I can’t help it.  It’s longer than PJ made it, so I consider it fair game.

The worst part is that not only am I uncomfortable, but I’ve been worse than normal emotionally as well.  M is treading really lightly right now because he knows even hinting I could be wrong or saying something with the wrong words could offend me.  It helps that I’m aware of my tendency to be unreasonable right now, but that doesn’t keep the tears from coming for the stupidest reasons.  I have less patience than my toddler these days.

The good news is that I think we really are ready for a hospital stay now.  I may have a few things I’d still like to do before BabyN comes, but nothing that has to be done.  We checked the last thing off our list last night–talking to the neighbors.  Despite our hunch they were on vacation, M and I started watching the movements of the car in the driveway carefully.  It moved once during the day yesterday, so we decided to drop by again last night.  They answered the door right away and seemed truly glad to see us.  They also agreed without hesitation to watch PJ for us when we go to the hospital.  The only problem is that they’re leaving for a two-week vacation on Sunday.  As long as BabyN comes on Friday, we’re fine.  Otherwise, I guess we’re back to praying he shows up on a weekend until the second week of September.

I’m even starting to get tired of writing about the pregnancy since it seems like that’s almost all I’ve written for the last nine months.  It’s just been at the top of my mind for this whole time.  I think I’m ready to move on to posts about lack of sleep and baby poop, boring as they may get to all of you.


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