A Great Day

I can’t help myself.  I have to blog again today, despite what I said earlier.  I have little news from the doctor’s appointment, as I figured.  She didn’t even do a check today because nothing had really changed from last week.  I managed to talk her into agreeing that this would be my last progesterone shot, though.  There’s enough discrepancy about the dates, and either way, next week is close enough to full term that she’s okay with foregoing that last shot.  Oh, and the weird reactions I’ve been getting make it just a little easier to give up.

But the craziest part of the appointment happened while we were discussing whether this would be the last shot.  She outright told me that if I went into labor today even, she wouldn’t try to stop it.  Even though I’d already expected that to be the case, it really hit home when she said so.  I really could go into labor at any moment now.  BabyN is really on his way, and soon.  Crazy!

Still, the doctor’s appointment isn’t what makes the day great.  The most exciting news of the day has to do with M.  Now bear with me because this may sound more complicated than it really is.  He writes computer programs, using a fairly complicated programming language.  Not very many people can program in it at all, and fewer are any good at it.  M is good at it.  The company that writes the programming language (that you would all recognize if I told you the name) has developed three tests of increasing difficulty to qualify for three levels of certification.  Obviously having these certifications makes you that much more valuable and employable to work with this programming language.  There are exactly two people in our large city who have the highest certification level.  There are maybe 20 in the whole state, and it’s the state with the headquarters of the people who developed the language.  M is officially now one of them, the people with the highest certification.

When he went out of town a few weeks ago, one of the things he did at the conference was take the test for this certification.  He was given some statistics about the pass rate, and he was given no chance of passing.  Nobody who fit his profile ever passed on the first try, and few pass on the second try.  M broke all their statistics by passing with flying colors the first–and only–time.  I think he might just be in line for a raise.  And if not, we might look into better paying jobs elsewhere; he can get hired anywhere he wants with that certification on his resume.

I am so proud of my husband.  Is that obvious?  I hope PJ and BabyN inherit at least a tiny bit of their father’s genius.  I also hope M agrees to let me do something to help him celebrate tonight.  And I hope the rest of the day goes at least as well as the first part has!


3 Responses to A Great Day

  1. Kristin says:

    Congrats!!!!! I would be very proud if my husband was that smart too 🙂

  2. Becca says:

    That’s great!! I know you are so proud of him!

  3. Hoping says:

    good for him! I love talking about my husband’s accomplishments because it makes me so proud!

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