All About Thursdays

I never know what to do about blogging on Thursdays.  I usually blog while PJ runs around playing between breakfast and lunch, one of his less needy times.  After my Thursday appointments, I’m usually tired and ready to chill for a while, so it’s nice if I don’t feel an obligation to blog during that time.  But on the other hand, I know some of you anyway want to know how the appointment went.  That’s why lately I’ve been blogging two short posts on Thursdays.  I think today I’ll try something different; we’ll see how it goes.  Obviously I’m blogging before my appointment right now.  I won’t bother blogging again after the appointment unless I have something worth telling.  So if you check again tonight and don’t see a new post, then assume I’m still closed with a perfect blood pressure, etc., like normal.

My Thursday routine has typically been drastically different from every other day.  I usually sleep as late as PJ will let me, then get up to feed both of us breakfast.  I stay in my pajamas until he goes down for his nap in the early afternoon, when I can get a shower without leaving him to his own devices.  On Thursdays, though, I have that appointment right after lunch, their first appointment of the afternoon (keeps me from having to wait on previous appointments, usually), and just before PJ normally goes down for a nap.  That means I have to find a time to shower earlier in the day.  It was great when the grandmas were here because I could shower at my own leisure since they could watch PJ whenever I chose to get ready for the day.  Every other week I have to make myself wake up earlier, before PJ gets too fed up with being in his room, to shower first thing in the morning.

Today I was grateful for the change in routine.  Our doorbell rang at 10:30.  Some days I’m not even up at that point (not very many, but some), and I’m never dressed by then.  But because today was a Thursday, I already looked presentable and had had breakfast when the doorbell rang.  By the way, it wasn’t anything super important, just the cable guy needing to access the cable box in our backyard.  Still, I’m even embarrassed if the anonymous cable guy sees me in my tacky pajamas.

Random change of topic: I’m still not sure what I think about the new look.  I think it’s that the links and other nifty things in the content part of the blog are orange.  The highlight color in the header is red.  They look weird together.  I’d rather have the links be red, but I don’t have the slightest idea how to do it.  Does anybody else know an easy way to change that, if I even can?  If not, I guess I’ll just live with it.  It surely can’t be long until I decide it’s time for a new look anyway.


One Response to All About Thursdays

  1. Hoping says:

    HTML is beyond me so I don’t know how to change things. The orange and red looks fine to me and I love the header. Haven’t checked in on you much since I have been back but I am glad to read you are still pregnant but I am sure you are getting anxious!

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