The End Days…of Pregnancy

Nope, I’m not at the hospital in labor right now, but there’s a lot of time left in the day.  Still, I’m starting to think I was wrong about today being THE DAY.  It’s too bad.  This may be the only chance until late in September that my mom would be able to make it for the birth.  She didn’t make it for PJ’s, so I was really hoping she could make it this time.  It saddens me that apparently I have to give birth with only my husband around yet again.  And regardless of whether my MIL is there at the time, she is not going to be present during the actual birth.

So I was checking my family blog this morning and noticed that the pregnancy ticker had moved into the last month.  Can you believe I’m in my ninth month?  I certainly can’t.  I’ll unofficially be 37 weeks on Tuesday, so BabyN could really come any day now, especially after Tuesday.  The thought kind of surprises me, despite being worried about giving birth early for weeks now, but it doesn’t really scare me.  I know this time there shouldn’t be any worry about him being born healthy and there isn’t a lengthy NICU stay in our future.

So far, my experiences with the ninth month have not been fun.  My initiation into these end days started when I turned off the light to sleep shortly after midnight last night.  I noticed almost immediately that my legs were starting to ache, and the pain just got worse and worse, no matter what I did to try to help things.  My belly was uncomfortable, too–probably from overeating at our celebration dinner–and the accompanying gas made me somewhat miserable.  As 2:00 in the morning neared, I finally gave up and tried walking around the house some to at least help the achy legs problem.  I checked e-mail and blogs and finally returned to bed at 2:30.  I still had problems falling asleep after that, but at least I finally did at that point.  Please tell me that all month won’t be like this.  I don’t do well when I’m suffering from insomnia, and PJ needs more attention than ever right now.

Oh, and guess what I realized last night?  I was looking at some of my favorite winter clothes hanging in my closet and wondering how they would be for nursing this winter.  And it was like I automatically knew already, like I remembered, not guessed.  Sure enough, it was just last winter when PJ was finishing up nursing.  If you remember, I weaned him the same week in January I found out I was pregnant (which means I’ve been either pregnant or nursing since March 2005…poor M).  That also means that this will be the third winter in a row that I’ve been nursing, and with any luck, I’ll have one more winter after that that my boobs will be on loan (I’m hoping to breastfeed for somewhere between a year and eighteen months).  How crazy is that?


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