Not Yet

The title just about says it all, doesn’t it?  I was considering waiting to blog until after today’s doctor’s appointment, but decided that would be kind of cruel to all of you who read last night’s short post.  Here’s what ended up happening last night:

After hours of lower back pain that never seemed to really get any worse, I decided it definitely wasn’t time to call the doctor or rush to the hospital.  It made sense to wait for the normal contraction-like pain.  I did, however, read up on the labor and delivery chapters of What to Expect–partly to check if what I was feeling could be early labor (it could) and partly out of superstition since I’d read those chapters early last time around, just days before PJ came.  I finally gave up on anything progressing last night close to 1 AM and decided to sleep.  I kept hoping I would wake up in pain, but it didn’t happen.  My bladder woke me up a few times, but that’s all.  This morning my back doesn’t even hurt much anymore.

The week before PJ was born, I had two days I specifically remember.  One day I had Braxton-Hicks about every three to five minutes for over an hour.  I was debating calling the doctor when they suddenly stopped.  In retrospect, I probably should have called anyway because I was probably starting to dilate even then.  Two days after that, I got a sudden severe lower backache, much like last night’s.  I assumed it was nothing more than a backache, since it was my only symptom, and treated it as such.  It too went away a short time later.  That’s why I didn’t panic when the backache returned the next night.  That really was the start of labor, and I didn’t recognize it for the false alarms of the week.

So I don’t think I panicked or overreacted at all last night to feeling back pain.  Even if it wasn’t labor last night, maybe it has started readying my body for labor.  Maybe labor is only a day or two away now.  Maybe my doctor will find I’m already several centimeters dilated today.

I’m not planning to blog again today, but if I hear anything interesting at the doctor’s office, I will anyway.  That means if you don’t hear anything from me until tomorrow, then you can assume everything is fine and nothing has changed from last week.  But keep your fingers crossed that last night’s false alarm was an indicator that labor really is going to happen soon.


2 Responses to Not Yet

  1. Chas says:

    Well, I’ll be checking back just in case you do decide to blog again :).

  2. Becca says:

    Just checking in to see how the appointment went!

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