1. BabyN must have liked the waffles I had instead of a boring cereal today.  He’s doing gymnastics in there or something–quite a feat considering how much extra room he must have.  If I suddenly scream in pain, it means that foot fiinally broke through the skin.

2. If I have something other than a boring cereal for breakfast, then the only way to end the toddler tantrum is to give PJ the same thing, instead of his normal Cheerios.  How exactly is it that my not-yet-two-year-old eats as much for breakfast as I do?

3. I should really be spending more time blogging on my family blog today, since I have yet another monthly update to get done.  Darn you, Dooce for getting so many of us obligated to do this now.  My MIL would never let up the guilt trip if I tried to quit doing them now.

4. We’re thinking about looking at a different mini-van this weekend, one that we know for a fact could offer us 0% financing.  Even if they do, though, I don’t know if we’ll get it.  Can they beat the fourteen cup holders the one from last weekend has?  Actually, M is the picky one when it comes to cars.  Funny when you think about it; that’s my soccer mom mini-van he’s being picky about.

5. My mom and I talked for a full hour yesterday afternoon.  Most of that time was spent figuring out how things will work for the upcoming holidays and PJ’s birthday.  My mom has already missed some work to see the one new grandbaby, and she has two more coming really soon (I think we’re both in any-day-now mode) that she will likely have to miss work for.  Then she has a major surgery at the end of October (hip replacement) that will take her out of work for a full month.  Almost every weekend between now and the surgery is already planned, so she’s not quite sure when she’ll get down here, and making it for PJ’s birthday depends entirely on when my SIL’s baby decides to come.  All four of us kids are coming to Thanksgiving with our newly-grown families…to stay in my parents’ four-bedroom house.  We have no idea where we’re putting everyone.  And we don’t know if we’ll be able to go anywhere for Christmas if we don’t get a larger car (like…a mini-van) before then.  There are way more details than that, but it gives you the basic idea that the upcoming months are kind of stressful, figuring out how to throw another kids’ birthday party when the only guests who could come are family who will be otherwise occupied and getting to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  At least it gave me something to focus on a little farther in the future than BabyN’s birth, right?

6. Speaking of PJ’s birthday, I’m starting to make him a birthday list.  This will be way easier when he can do it himself, but it’s my job still this year.  I’ve found quite a few good things in all price ranges, but I was wondering what you other moms of toddlers would suggest.  Are there any classic or brand-new toys out there that a slightly immature boy of two can’t live without?


One Response to Randomness

  1. Emma says:

    I wouldn’t know what to suggest for a 2 year old boy. Does he like Thomas? My son loved him, and 10 years later Saoirse has all his old trains and tracks.

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