It’s Official

So before we even left to look at the mini-van yesterday, M and I made sure everyone knew exactly the circumstances that would lead to us bringing home a van.  First, the van had to meet certain requirements we had (like self-opening side doors and a fold-down third row).  Second, the sales guy had to work things so our payment on this car would come close to matching the payment on the old car.

Well, it did and he did.  I was going to wait to blog about it until I had a picture of the van to show off, but the day wore me out and I crashed when we got home instead of grabbing the camera and snapping pictures.

But all this means I’m officially a soccer mom now.  In a mere three years, I’ve gone from being the moderately attractive single English teacher at the local high school who lives in a decent apartment with her cat (singular–I was afraid two cats meant I was turning into the crazy cat lady and my marriageability would decrease drastically) and drives a cute little purple car to a wife and mom of two kids who lives in a middle-class suburban house and drives a conservative mini-van.  I think the only thing I’m missing is the kid-friendly dog.

Really, the experience buying the car was pretty good.  PJ was super hyper pretty much the whole time because we got there just before naptime (not my idea, for sure), but we just let him wander back and forth across the dealership any time we weren’t in an office signing papers and that kept him occupied.  It also burned a lot of calories for M, who had the fun task of following him around.

We were both surprised at how little pressure we had to buy the car.  Everyone was friendly, and the sales guy did what he could to meet us halfway when the offer they made on our car was going to make the van out of our price range.  Instead of the rude guy from last week who was more interested in explaining why he was making a ridiculous offer, this one was willing to work with us.  I could understand why they were so busy.

Anyway, if you’re curious, it is a red Dodge Grand Caravan.  I already feel very comfortable driving it, which is highly unusual for me.  In fact, I was the only one of us to drive it at all before we bought it.  (How flattering is that, that M trusted my analysis of how it drives?  He agreed when he drove it home.)  This means that, barring any health issues between now and then, we can definitely travel for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, if we choose to.  The only problem is that we’ll have to make a different excuse to avoid spending holidays with my in-laws now!

One Response to It’s Official

  1. Kristin says:

    How fun! Congrats on the new ride 🙂

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