38-Week Appointment

I’m later than usual posting today because I had a doctor’s appointment this morning.  The good news is that looks like I will not end up with a son with today as his birthday, something I was in fact worried about.  The bad news is that I have no idea what his birthday will be; our best guess is not soon.  I’m still not any more dilated than I’ve been all along.  (Coincidentally, did you know that for non-first-timers, “closed” really means a fingertip dilated?  So technically I am dilated, but not in a way that shows any progress since I’ve been this dilated all along.)

I’ve decided it’s not good when not only does everyone on staff know you and your son by sight, but they all wonder that you’re still pregnant when they see you.  Of course, given all the worries about pre-term labor, maybe that’s really a good thing.  My doctor is out of town, so I saw the nurse-practitioner again this week (and will next week too, if I still have a baby in me).  I really think I like her better than my doctor.  I thought it was cool that she’s starting to give me ideas on things to do to naturally induce labor.  Nothing I hadn’t already heard, but it’s good to hear someone with medical knowledge suggest it too.  M seems somewhat keen on the idea that sex is officially back in the picture now, and actually recommended.

I want to blog about lots of other things, but I have a headache at the moment.  It’s the same headache I’ve had for a couple of days.  I’m pretty sure it’s a result from a toddler foot to the face, so I’m not terribly worried.  Still, I may be taking a nap when PJ is later.  Oh, we had a crazy morning with him here.  He woke up crying just as the sun was coming up, which is highly unusual for him.  I didn’t know it was physically possible to leap out of bed as fast as I did.  I’m guessing he’d just had a nightmare.  A few minutes of my comfort and snuggling with him, and he was fine and ready for bed again.  I was so happy to have those few minutes just to hold him.  I wonder every time if it’s the last chance I’ll get to snuggle with him as an only child.  It makes me treasure that time that much more every time it happens.

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