And It Begins…

I’m about 99% sure I lost at least part of my mucous plug a little while ago.  I was playing on the floor with PJ, crawling around after him, and I felt something different.  Since I needed to pee anyway (it’d been nearly an hour after all), I went to check on it.  It wasn’t blood-tinged as several of you had mentioned, but it was definitely mucousy.  There was more when I went to wipe.  Do you guys agree that was probably it?

I do feel a bit different today, both emotionally and physically.  I wouldn’t necessarily say I feel like I’m about to go into labor, but I suppose it’s a possibility.  I’ll keep everyone updated either way.  I just hope I’m not one of those people who loses their plug days–or as much as a week–before going into labor.


5 Responses to And It Begins…

  1. Erin says:

    Was it like snotty? Def. could be part of your plug! Let’s hope it was! :o)

  2. Chas says:

    I never lost my plug, so I can only go on what others have told me. I’ve just been told that when you lose your mucous plus YOU KNOW you’ve lost it. I have known girls who lost theirs and went into labor that day, and I’ve known many who did hold off for a week or so. Hopefully, N is right around the corner :).

  3. erica says:

    It sounds like it might be the start of it. I lost all of mine at once and it was in bed yuck it was so gross. Imagine the worse snotty nose you have ever had tinged with blood I know lots of gross info but it sounds like your definately doing something. Sending lots of prayers and I will keep checking back.

  4. Reesh says:

    I don’t want to be a party pooper, but I lost mine a little at a time for about a week before I actually went into labour. The day before labour began the mucus plug turned to blood or bloody show as it is often called. Everyone is different, but probably once you start having more blood (I had to wear a pad) then your contractions should start within 24 hours. Still it is a good sign that you are moving closer and closer to the ultimate goal of having your baby sooner than later.

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