Finally, Some Interesting News

I vaguely remember having some deep topic to write about today.  Oh, yeah, I was going to relate the latest happenings with the MIL.  Trust me, things have still been happening there, whether or not I’ve blogged about each incident as it happened.

But I think it’s much more important to let everyone know that I’m pretty sure I’m in the earliest stages of labor.  Like Reesh said happened with her in yesterday’s comment, my mucous plug has continued to slowly leak out since the start yesterday, and this morning it was indeed blood-tinged.  In addition, I’ve been crampier than usual this morning, the irritating non-stop kind instead of the contraction-only kind I’ve had before.  I feel more weight in my lower pelvis, too.  I think my body made some major adjustments overnight and that labor will pick up later today or tonight.

I may update later today and regale you with stories of idiocy after all if I need a distraction, but otherwise I may do nothing more than a quick note to let you know we’ve headed to the hospital.  (I hope it works out that I can do that kind of a fast update before we leave.)  Keep your fingers crossed that this one truly is not another false alarm.  I don’t know how many more of those I can take.

3 Responses to Finally, Some Interesting News

  1. Lizzy says:

    Keeping you in our thoughts…and still wish a quick and pain-free delivery of Sweet Baby N!

  2. emmakirsten says:

    Oh i hope your lack of updating, means that you are having your baby, hoping this baby is quick and easy!

  3. Ashley says:

    Here’s me crossing my fingers that all goes well!!!

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