More MIL Stories

I’m as tired of writing about how I think I’m in labor and then I’m not as you guys are of reading about it.  Apparently my body just doesn’t want to go into labor on its own, ready as it is.  I’m guessing nothing will happen until my doctor decides to do something about it–after she gets home from her trip late this week.  But if I don’t hear the word “induction” after that, I think I’ll go certifiably crazy.

So to avoid thinking about any of that for at least a few minutes, how about those MIL stories?

1. She has been calling either M or me every day for the past few weeks.  At first M thought she was getting into a new routine with her new job, but recently we’ve figured out she’s checking up on me.  It sounds sweet, but it’s done in a clingy, needy way.  She has to check up on us because she’s terrified we won’t call when I’m in labor (and truthfully, the more she calls now, the more likely we are to “forget” to call her then).  It’s actually a little insulting that she trusts us that little.

2. Her daily call the other day was astonishingly inconsiderate.  She called M to ask if we wanted them to drive down here this weekend to pick up PJ so they could watch him–there, nine hours away–until after BabyN was born.  I’m still not sure how they planned to take care of him when they both work, but I guess they had that worked out already.  The problem is they wouldn’t be able to bring him back until they had another free weekend.  If they were even planning to bring him back…  Needless to say, M said no.  It’s a good thing he was the one she called; I wouldn’t have been nearly as polite.  Does she really think we want to give up our last few days with PJ alone?  And how did she get the impression we needed any help taking care of PJ right now?

3. The family blog has had its fair share of drama lately due to her comments.  I find them entirely amusing for the most part because I’ve come to expect those kinds of comments from her.  My mother, on the other hand, gets offended for me and sometimes doesn’t want to add her own comment for fear of starting something between the grandmas.  You remember when I posted the most recent belly pictures of me here?  I posted them on the family blog, too.  My MIL’s comment?  She agreed I was huge and that I certainly looked miserable.  How flattering.  M and I make fun of that comment daily now.  The worst part, though, I finally discovered after yesterday’s comment is that they are all self-centered.  Instead of thinking about how the stories I tell affect me or M or even PJ, she immediately thinks about how they affect her–when they really don’t affect her at all.  For example, yesterday’s story was about how PJ said “I love you” for the first time to his daddy as he was outside mowing the lawn and M didn’t even get to hear it.  You guys would have commented about how sweet that was and that it was too bad M didn’t get to hear it for himself, or that it wasn’t said to me first or something, right?  Instead, MIL commented that she can’t wait until he says that to her and that she hopes to hear from us soon–as though we’re awful kids and don’t already talk to her every single day.  Honestly, that one offended me a little bit, but at least I understand where it’s coming from.  She is a totally self-centered person, so everything she says comes from a place of concern only for herself.  I may not particularly like that quality about her, but she is my MIL and I just have to get used to it.  If that means I ignore the rudeness in her comments and try to pretend that she hasn’t hijacked my blog with these comments, then so be it.  I’d rather not hurt my marriage or my husband’s relationship with his parents over something as silly as a blog.


5 Responses to More MIL Stories

  1. Chas says:

    Oh, I hope this labor hurries up before you even have to think of induction. I’m so sorry about your mil. Honestly, reading your blog always makes me feel better about my own annoying mil. I am still checking your blog like crazy b/c I know any hour I’m going to see something that says “THIS IS IT!”.

  2. Hoping says:

    ugh, your mil. so sorry you have to deal with that during your last few days as a family of 3. I hope your labor hurries up and I can’t wait to hear about it!

  3. Kristin says:

    I hope BabyN makes his appearance soon! Those last days are buggers, for sure.

    And you know-about the last MIL comment- I read that & thought the EXACT same thing. “Why is she commenting about how she wants to hear it?” Wow. You’re a much more patient woman than I am!

  4. Erin says:

    Seriously, you’re so right…our MIL’s are exactly alike! I know exactly how you feel…how irritating it is, but how you try so hard to deal w/ it because it’s not worth starting marriage troubles over. Why do some MIL’s have to be INSANE??

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