Due Date Debate

I figured that MIL post would generate some conversation.  My mom commented on the “I love you” post last night, and it was exactly what I would expect someone to say.  I wonder if my MIL will go back and read that second comment and notice the difference between her own comment and that one.  I doubt it.  It’s funny how people that self-centered rarely seem to catch on that they’re different from anyone else.  Yet they always seem to accuse others of being self-centered.  I wonder why that is.

So I’m officially 39 weeks today.  One more week until even the doctor will say I’m overdue.  I’ve already passed several early guesses at due dates, though.  My MIL, who clearly has superior knowledge about these things since she’s a nurse (catch the sarcasm?), told us last Tuesday would be our due date.  Even when she told us, we knew it was too early, but we still figured I’d have popped by then.  Then all the online calculators told me this past Saturday was our due date, based on only my last period.  I assumed that one was pretty close to right.  Both major medical ultrasounds gave a range of due dates, but they averaged to tomorrow being my due date.  I’d say that’s the most accurate of all the due dates I was given.  That means they should really be willing to discuss induction tomorrow at the doctor’s appointment since by next Monday, we’ll already be pushing it into overdue territory.

M and I have been trying repeatedly to induce this labor ourselves, using a variety of techniques of course.  We’ve been trying to get out and walk every chance we get (PJ loves it too, so it kills two birds with one stone), eat spicy and/or rich food at least once a day, and of course M’s favorite every couple of days.  Obviously nothing is working.

We’re also working on finishing up those last few final things that we’d kind of like to get done before BabyN gets here.  Yesterday we picked up a big brother toy for PJ, our walking excursion for the day, and then last night I got a start on BabyN’s baby book, all the background stuff that I could do in advance.  I don’t really know what other last-minute things I can do to keep myself occupied, so I may go a bit stir-crazy until my body finally decides it’s time.

By the way, I’ve already decided that I’m not going to post about any more false alarms on here.  Even if I feel like I’m in early labor, I’m not going to say anything about it until we’re getting things ready to leave for the hospital.  I can’t stand to have to admit to anyone other than myself that I was wrong yet again about the possibility of labor, and I don’t want to get all of you guys excited and checking my blog hourly only to disappoint you again.  Besides, I feel crummy all the time now, with the same symptoms that I could have sworn were early labor even a few days ago.  I guess that means I’ll have to find some non-pregnancy-related posts to write about then.  That could be hard, since all I think about these days is BabyN and when he’s going to finally show up.


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