Rambling Thoughts

I hope nobody’s checked the blog today and assumed that because I hadn’t blogged yet that something was finally happening.  What really happened is that I got so distracted by the exciting news at the doctor yesterday that I totally forgot my dad was coming into town for the evening.  He just left for the second half of his business trip a few minutes ago, so I didn’t get a chance to blog until now.

It was cool hanging out with my dad.  I knew I missed having my mom around with all the pregnancy stuff, but I didn’t realize how much I missed my dad too.  It was great watching PJ with him.  Early on, my dad was reluctant to spend much time with PJ.  We attributed it to his newborn-ness and that my dad didn’t know how to interact with someone that young.  Now that he has a granddaughter, though, we’ve learned that his hesitancy with PJ had more to do with his prematurity and how fragile he looked and felt.  He’s fine with normal-sized newborns.  Because of that awkwardness he had early on with PJ, it’s particularly special to watch him with PJ now.  I never noticed how naturally good with kids my dad is.  PJ was immediately drawn to him and didn’t want to leave his side for a second.  It was heartwarming, and I knew my dad loved being idolized like that.  It’s a good thing he’ll have a reason to head back down here before long.

Along those lines, I’m now in a race with my SIL to see which one of us pops out a kid first.  If you remember, her due date is in early October, but she found out on Monday that she’s already 2 cm dilated.  My mom really didn’t want to tell me that when we talked yesterday, even when I specifically asked.  It is her first kid, so she could easily stay 2 cm for a couple of weeks.  But I doubt that happens.  I think BabyN is going to end up the youngest of these three cousins, even if it’s only by a few days.

If I hadn’t gotten an induction date yesterday, I think that would bother me, like my mom thought it would.  Knowing my SIL, who should deliver two weeks after me, actually beat me to it, and with no end in sight for me, would have been too much for me to handle.  But this situation with her going early within a couple of weeks of her due date and me going basically past my due date (even on my due date) will actually be kind of neat.  I will end up with a little more of the attention at the time, which is something I’ve worried about some since this is her first baby; I’ve wondered if BabyN would end up lost in the mix.  I’m not sure how things will work if we go on the same day, but I think the cousins sharing a birthday will share lots of attention, too.  And yup, you guessed it: I’m an attention hog.  It will drive my other SIL who is much more of an attention hog crazy.

By the way, thank you for the comments yesterday about the induction.  I needed to be brought back to earth about the whole concept of induction.  You guys are right; I really would rather go on my own.  I probably would have remembered everything you guys told me eventually, but the immediate reminders will help me know what I’m getting into if I make it to the induction on Sunday.  What’s funny is that I’m less worried about a c-section as I am about not being able to labor however I need to.  I remember doing a lot of walking and pacing with PJ, and it will be tough to suffer through it while attached to the bed.  I’m afraid I’m going to give in to the epidural a lot sooner than I’d consider it otherwise.  But then again, my family is known for short labors (the ones I’m genetically connected to anyway), so maybe that will hold even with an induction.  I don’t really know what to expect, and I’m trying to keep an open mind about all the possibilities.  Still, I’d rather have the more natural non-induced labor.  Besides, we all know I’ll do a little better with every less day of waiting I have to suffer through!


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