Crying Wolf Again? *Updated*

Warning: TMI 

I know I said I wasn’t going to write about this anymore, but it’s the only thing I can think about this morning.  I’m wondering yet again whether I’m in early labor.

It all started last night, kind of.  I was feeling kind of off, although I couldn’t explain exactly what was wrong.  I knew I was having more contractions than usual, but not often enough to bother keeping track.  Besides, they felt the exact same that they had for weeks, so it was unlikely they suddenly meant labor that time.

But when I got up to pee in the middle of the night, things were much different.  As usual, I was in the middle of a contraction.  As I peed, BabyN moved to fill the extra room left behind by my emptying bladder.  I remember a few seconds of agony as he found an unusual position before settling into a more comfortable one.  I also thought I saw more of my mucous plug, although I couldn’t be sure about that since I didn’t have my glasses on.  I also noticed I had had some dark brownish discharge earlier in the night.

I was awake for nearly half an hour after that, fighting lots of lower back pain and the familiar crampy feeling.  It was worse and lasted longer than it had in the past.  I wondered even then if something was going on, but I wasn’t willing to think about it as a possibility that early.

When PJ woke me up this morning with some loud screams at least an hour earlier than usual, I noticed I was still quite uncomfortable.  I’ve struggled with the lower back pain and crampiness ever since.  That’s still not enough to think maybe something is happening, though.  It’s more what I found when I took my morning pee.  I wiped and saw pink.  I know that’s probably kind of disgusting to hear, but it was exciting to me.  I know that can be a good sign that things are incredibly close to happening.  Of course, it might mean I would be going into labor sometime in the next week or so, but combined with everything else, I’m more inclined to believe maybe that’s not the case.

I figured out this morning that BabyN might have dropped in the middle of the night when I peed; that would explain the weird discomfort as he found himself a new position.  It also explains the sudden decrease in heartburn I’ve noticed recently.  I’ve heard that with second babies, this often happens pretty much as labor starts, so I’m hoping that holds true for me.

I called M as soon as I got up today to warn him of my suspicions.  He’s already taking time today to prepare for taking a week off, since he’s taking off next week no matter what (since I’ll be in labor before Monday either way).  I just wanted to warn him to make those preparations a little earlier in the day if he can; there’s a chance he may not even be able to stay there through the day.

Of course, I keep changing my mind about whether I think anything is really happening.  Between crampy, achy contractions, I feel mostly normal, and at those moments I’m sure I’m making a big deal out of nothing.  And then another contraction hits, and I think maybe something’s going on after all.  I just don’t know anymore.  I’ll try to update once later today, either to tell you we’re headed to the hospital or to say it’s yet another false alarm.  Right now, I’m expecting to say it’s a false alarm.

Update: I’m continuing to be in the same discomfort, although it’s coming and going a bit more than this morning.  Most everything feels pretty much the same.  I’m still thinking that it’s going to happen soon, but it obviously hasn’t yet.  The one change that’s happened is that I’ve definitely lost more of my mucous plug, and it’s definitely like you guys described it.  Yuck!  You were right when you said I’d know when it happened.  (For the record, I still think it’s been going for the last week, but today’s installment was much different.)  I hope that means labor is imminent.  Either way, my body will be more primed for labor on Sunday night if nothing happens between now and then.  I’ll continue to keep you updated if anything changes.


One Response to Crying Wolf Again? *Updated*

  1. Lizzy says:

    Oh, Kayce…for your sake I hope you start labor right away!

    And if not, what about holding off a few days to see what happens? Say until mid-week next week if you don’t seem to be progressing?

    I so want you to have the labor and delivery that you want. I totally regret being induced–though the ending the discomfort and the anxiety was nice. You had such a traumatic delivery with PJ, I wish for you the ideal birth with BabyN.

    Either way, keep us posted. And I’ll continue to check back frequently

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