Just Gotta Gripe

It is so definitely a Monday.  I’m frustrated, and the lack of sleep it taking it to a new level.  I wish I could just quit my job and go sleep for the next three days.

The lack of sleep is directly related to yesterday being PJ’s second birthday.  Our choices for cake for him were very limited when we went shopping on Saturday night, so M decided to bake him a cake.  We tried to avoid chocolate so that I could eat some too, but M didn’t want to make one without chocolate altogether.  We compromised by only using chocolate frosting and agreeing to have the cake as soon as lunch was over so that maybe it wouldn’t mess with BabyN’s sleep.  Naturally, things didn’t work that way.  PJ was super fussy in the morning and desperately needed a nap before we tried something different with him.  That means I didn’t have any cake until the middle of the afternoon (and I had to have some to make M feel good about how it turned out).  So BabyN was fussy and awake until the middle of the night, and he never did fall asleep very well all night long.  I kept waking up each time he’d spit out the pacifier and whine about it, which was something like every half hour, so I didn’t sleep well all night either.  I guess I’m on a complete chocolate and caffeine boycott until BabyN stops nursing.  Yuck.

Then this weekend we also got notification from our insurance about how much the doctor and hospital were charging us for the delivery (not even the bills from BabyN’s end of things).  My doctor is charging us $4000 for surgery.  I think I’d remember if I actually had some sort of surgery.  And if they’re somehow calling the delivery “surgery,” I’ve already paid my doctor everything they said it would cost for pre-natal care and the delivery.  I can’t believe the best-case scenario is that I’m being double-charged.

The hospital bill was also ridiculous.  They were charging me for an operating room and a recovery room in addition to a private room, that we assumed was my post-partum room.  When M called this morning, they decided that the operating room must be the labor room, and the private room is really just an added charge they add anytime someone has a private room (like I was given a choice); the recovery room charge was really the post-partum room.  Altogether, we’re going to have to pay something like $2000 out-of-pocket for my part of the hospital bills, not counting BabyN.  We may not be badly off financially, but we can’t afford these medical bills.  We expected some bills, but more like what we had to pay last time.  Even counting PJ’s NICU bills, together we didn’t quite hit that $2000.  I think we’re being ripped off.

At least PJ had a good birthday yesterday, once he woke up from his nap.  He really loves one of the toys we got him, and the one my parents got him.  He actually opened his own presents, and he ate the cake this year instead of just making a mess with it.  And I was able to cram my belly into a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans yesterday, even if they only barely buttoned and created the grossest muffin top above them.


2 Responses to Just Gotta Gripe

  1. Emily says:

    Ugggh, that sucks. I’m sorry. How is this not covered by insurance? I remember my only hospital stay….I was charged 8 dollars for a single ibuprofren. Ridiculous!

  2. Chas says:

    Oh dear…that hospital bill sounds insane. My insurance took care of most of my charges. I think I probably ended up paying about $200.00 total out of pocket for hospital and doctor charges. Can’t you get your insurance company to step in and do something??

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