Any Ideas? Anyone?

M and I made a depressing realization yesterday.  PJ can not only open doors now but can trick our child door locks into unlatching as well.  Our house has lever handles all over the house (not our choice, but it was too late to have them change it when the house was being built), and they take special child locks.  Basically, if you haven’t seen them, they’re little latches that prevent the handle from being able to pull down far enough to open the door.  You have to push the latch in and slide it around to the other side to open the door.  PJ couldn’t push the latch in, so he was safely kept out of “dangerous” rooms.

But then yesterday he managed to open the latches twice.  We’re marginally sure both were latched properly before he got to them, but there is that slight doubt.  He hasn’t opened one since, and he’s had plenty of opportunities to try.  But what do we do if he really can open them, even if only part of the time?  I would say we could just watch him carefully and train him to stay out of off-limits rooms, but one of those is the closet in his room.  I’d have to stay in his room with him until he fell asleep (which would be hours later than normal with the change) to keep him out of his closet.  So does anybody have ideas to help us here other than replacing all the doorknobs in our house with normal ones?

On to BabyN…he’s trying to drive me crazy, I think.  Right now when I need him to drain me the most every time he eats, he’s decided to change his eating patterns, especially at night.  He wakes up starving and screaming to let me know that’s the case.  I feed him right away, but he falls asleep before even draining one breast.  I do everything I can think of to wake him up to finish eating, but he’s down for the count.  I finally give up and put him back to bed, and the second he leaves my arms, he’s wide awake and unhappy.  If I try feeding him again, I’m lucky if he’ll stay awake long enough to get a sip or two.  I’m left with a fussy, very awake baby and sore boobs, and then three hours later, a starving baby again.  It’s incredibly frustrating.  Is there anything I can do about this?  Is there a way to keep him awake long enough to eat a full meal?

And here’s a quick update on the booby issue: I’m on day three of the breast infection.  I don’t know that any of them with PJ lasted this long, but then I don’t think any were this severe either.  Fortunately, the fever seems to be gone altogether.  Yesterday I still needed small amounts of fever reducers to keep the fever away, but even then it was just a mild fever.  Today I haven’t had a problem at all.  (I still have a super-sensitive internal thermostat, though.  If the temperature in the room changes even a tiny bit, I either freeze or fry.)  The lump, however, is still there.  At least it isn’t as painful, but I don’t remember any of them with PJ being this huge or bright red.  I’m not planning to visit the doctor about it just yet, but M and I have already decided that if the fever comes back or if the lump doesn’t go away in a couple of days, I’ll get an appointment then.  It’s encouraging that I’ve shown this much improvement already.


One Response to Any Ideas? Anyone?

  1. erica says:

    We have clever littles boys also. We ended up having to install locks at the top of the basement door. It is just a slide lock that the kiddos cant reach. Other than the they listen for the most part when we tell them that they can’t do something. Hope you continue to feel better.

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