Still Needing Ideas

Not only am I still looking for suggestions on yesterday’s post, but I have a new one today–a fun one.  I’m a little late getting in this Halloween game; it dawned on me this past weekend that I ought to get the boys’ Halloween costumes ASAP in order to make sure I still have choices.  I’m looking mostly online because I can already tell the ones at the stores will be picked through by now.  We should have bought when we were at Babies R Us before BabyN was born.  Anyway, I’ve had lots of fun looking online and have found tons of cute ones.  Unfortunately, now I’m having issues narrowing down my choices, even when I narrow down to just the reasonably priced ones.  And to complicate matters, we have a few criteria for determining good costumes:

1. We’d like the boys’ costumes to fit in a theme without matching.  For example, we’ve thought of a monkey and a banana (but we can’t find a banana costume for BabyN) or a lion and tiger or two types of bears…that kind of thing.

2. Nothing embarrassing that the boys will roll their eyes at when they get older.  I guess that rules out the whoopie cushion costume I found, or princess dresses.  I realize that “embarrassing” will be different things to different people, but there are some obvious ones to avoid.

3. We have to be able to find them in the right sizes.  There are only so many newborn costumes, and PJ still wears baby-sized costumes as well (12-18 months is about right).  This is harder to find than you would think.

So this is where you guys come in.  What ideas do you have for me, taking into consideration that I’d like to find them online, which means they can’t be too obscure?  Have you seen a cute costume that I should look for?  What creative themed ideas do you have that might make it easier to combine two costumes that aren’t obviously based on the same theme?


2 Responses to Still Needing Ideas

  1. erica says:

    We’ve done batman and spiderman. Last year it was scooby doo and a skeleton. Sice scooby is scard of monsters. This year they both said they wanted to be cowboys so it will definately be easier for us.

  2. erica says:

    I Just remembered Braidis first year the kids were winnie the pooh and Tigger…hope this helps.

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