Update on my FIL

Sorry to any of you who may actually be lurking around Blogworld on the weekends.  I know I usually post something regardless of the day and regardless of how many readers I may get, but I’m kind of not much in the mood to blog this weekend.  Perhaps I’ll write more about why this week.  Or I might not.  We’ll have to see.

I’m blogging anyway to give an update on M’s dad.  He’s still in Little Town Hospital, but they’ve scheduled to move him to Bigger City Hospital tomorrow morning.  They’re dealing with stupid insurance issues that are complicating matters.  The most notable is the inability to have a specialist come see him in the hospital over the weekend.  Unless he is truly within minutes of dying, they don’t consider it enough of an emergency to check him out.  This means that even though his stats have consistently dropped (although slowly), they have made no effort to determine what exactly is causing the bleeding.  He got a transfusion yesterday morning, which has kept him stable enough to not call the specialist in, but it’s scary that he got to the point where he desperately needed it.  They only have one more unit of his blood type in the town, too, so hopefully he doesn’t get bad enough to need any more blood.  Other than that, the family seems to be coping well.  I think they’re relieved that while serious, it doesn’t appear to be a life-and-death situation.  I’ll have more updates later tomorrow after they’ve transferred him to the other hospital and he’s been checked out by a specialist.  Please pray that the transfer goes smoothly and that the doctor is able to find out what is wrong and that it’s something easily fixed.


One Response to Update on my FIL

  1. erica says:

    I will keep praying for him. That is aful everything they are going through.

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