This and That and the Kitchen Sink

  • No news today on M’s dad.  He had another transfusion last night and was supposed to be transferred to Big City Hospital this morning.  M’s mom supposedly had to be at work today, so she hasn’t been giving out updates.  (That is a lie, by the way; she forgets that I used to work in the school system as well and happen to know something about how they do days off.)  If the news we find out tonight is super important, I may update later tonight, but otherwise we’ll assume not much has changed.
  • BabyN is a month old today.  Where did that last month disappear to?  If you know of the other blog, feel free to head there and check out the adorable pictures in the post.  I’m quite proud of the last one in particular.
  • We had a cold front come through this morning.  Fall has finally arrived here!  I love gray, dismal days like this.  Unfortunately, I’m suddenly forced to take inventory of cold-weather clothes and have found both boys to be be dreadfully lacking.  BabyN has about four or five long-sleeved outfits, one of which is too fancy for daily wear, and PJ had one pair of pants that sort of fits and one light jacket.  I think we’re making an emergency trip to Babies R Us tonight to start filling in the gaps.  I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming!
  • We got PJ’s hair cut yesterday.  He was a dream.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him sit that still without food in his hands.  He’s so cute with the shorter hair.  I may post a picture on my flickr account for you later this week.
  • I can’t help but touch briefly on the drama that ruined my day on Saturday and that I’ve attempted to avoid mentioning here.  How do you react to random people leaving rude comments on your blog that attack your very character?  (Note: this is not anything to do with my MIL; I’ve never heard of or met the person.)

2 Responses to This and That and the Kitchen Sink

  1. Chas says:

    It hasn’t happened too often for me, but sometimes I delete the comments and then completely rip them a new one…and sometimes I just ignore it.

  2. Erin says:

    Ok now I’m curious about the nasty comments! I’ve never gotten any…maybe I’m too careful about what I post?? Maybe nobody reads??

    I cannot find the address of your othe blog anywhere! You emailed it to me and I forgot to add it to the favorites and I’ve been trying to figure out the url but I just can’t seem to remember! Do you still have my email to where you could email it to me again? If not let me know! I miss seeing the pictures!

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