Oh, What a Night!

I was optimistic when I put BabyN down to sleep last night.  Why shouldn’t I be?  He’s slept consistently well between feedings for the past, oh, probably twenty nights.  For a kid who’s only a month old, that’s pretty impressive.  There might have been one or two nights when I had to get up and tend to him once or twice between feedings, but I’d gotten used to his otherwise impressive sleeping schedule.

So last night after a good four-hour stretch of sleep, BabyN woke to eat.  Totally expected, no big deal.  But I noticed that while he was eating, he wasn’t half asleep as usual.  I still didn’t think it was a big deal as he was getting drowsy by the time he finished.  I put him back down in his crib and crawled into bed where I crashed.

I had just dozed off when he started fussing.  For the next half hour, I got up every few minutes to put the pacifier back in his mouth or reswaddle him or move his legs to help him fart (the usual reason he wakes up fussing at night).  After that half hour I was so frustrated that I gave up and pulled him to bed with me, deciding that the light sleep I get while co-sleeping is better than none at all.  A spit-up and lost pacifier later I figured out co-sleeping wasn’t going to work either.  He was far too upset to settle down at all.

For the next two hours, I walked the house with him, rocked him, and tried everything I could to get him to settle down and sleep.  At last he was comfortable, but he was still wide awake.  I wasn’t.  I risked it and brought him back to bed with me, hoping he would at least let me sleep even if he wouldn’t.  He dozed off just minutes before I expected him to wake up and eat again.  That makes nearly three full hours of being awake in the middle of the night.

I got a forty-five minute nap before he woke up hungry, then another hour before he woke up gassy, and then finally two full hours after M went to work (with PJ chattering in his room the whole time, I think).

I guess when I put things in perspective, it really wasn’t that awful of a night.  I managed to piece together probably nearly six hours of sleep in short segments.  I don’t work well with less than eight, but I do have a newborn after all.  I’m going to take advantage of this opportunity to complain, but know that I recognize I am lucky.  This is the first night I’ve had a right to complain about, and that’s miraculous with a tiny baby.  I lucked out with two good sleepers, last night notwithstanding.  After one good night’s sleep I’ll be back to normal, and trust me when I say I won’t complain about lack of sleep too often.


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